Sunday, May 03, 2009


I don't usually click "play" on YouTube videos that my friends, family and fellow writers share. They are usually not closed-captioned. However, I noticed some words on one video I saw today. I thought maybe they were narrating it with text. So I clicked on "play" and watched the video. It was posted on a fellow writer's blog.

What I saw was heartbreaking.

Apparently, a pregnant mother on an antidepressant drug was told the drug was safe during pregnancy.

This turned out to be FALSE.

Watch the video and see what I mean:

Very...very sad. I was looking at pictures of that baby and thanking God she survived. But then at the end...I was in tears. I was so upset and bawling my heart out.

That poor baby. What a terrible tragedy this was. The worst part is, it was preventable. Had the prescribing doctor cared or not wanted to get some kickback over prescribing the medication, he or she would've advised the mother NOT to take that drug. He or she could've saved the baby's life. But I guess greed was the stronger temptation.

My prayers go out to that family.

And to every pregnant woman out there taking the drug Effexor: It might be a good idea to STOP. Your baby's life is not worth the risk.

Rest in peace, sweet angel Indiana. :(


Anonymous said...

thats terrible, so sad!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what happened here, but all the literature about Effector I read (because I'm on it) clearly and prominently states pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant are Not to use it. If the doctor who prescribed it said it was safe he is an idiot.


Dawn Colclasure said...

Nancy, I agree. I was really upset about it and the video had me in tears. I could not imagine that mother's pain.

Steve: My opinion, that doctor should lose his/her license. That baby's blood is on his hands now.

Also, I wonder if there was research going on about this at the time of the woman's pregnancy. If it was KNOWN to have a harmful effect on a baby in utero. It's so important to do research. Even if my doctor tells me something is safe to take, I still check it out and read up about it.

But THAT doctor should have been more careful. When it comes to a pregnancy, you can't just throw all of these drugs at the expectant mother.

Really sad....

Anonymous said...

Once you get hold of the medicine effexor XR after obtaining a doctor`s prescription for the same, you should administer it carefully as per the instructions provided by the physician and the guidelines available pertaining to its usage. The tablets/capsules of Effexor XR are not meant to be chewed/crushed/dissolved in water, instead should be swallowed along with a glass of water.

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks for the tip. The link is totally unnecessary. It's dangerous buying drugs over the Internet. If someone should be taking something like Xanax or Effexor, they should get it by prescription through a doctor, and not through a website. I wish I could disable your link. I hope no one will click on it.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, who is this idiot who is advertising effexor on here.

To HATKITZ - Dude you are evil. This blog is a post about NOT using effexor and all you're trying to do is sell it via this blog to make a dollar. I'm reporting you!

Dawn...sorry for saying dumbass on your blog. I honestly could find no other word that fit this guy.

Dawn Colclasure said...

Of course all is forgiven, Nancy. I don't know who this person is. Probably a spammer who makes a buck posting links on any blog posts that deal with prescription drugs and tricking people into clicking on them so he can get a few cents. Seems shady, says I.

And I think that is the perfect word to use. :)