Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If Wednesday

School starts in 3 weeks and we have been spending some time trying to get back onto the “school schedule.” Gone are the nights without a bedtime, the days we can just do whatever around the house, sleeping in on weekdays and enjoying a schedule-free week. During the school year, we have to LIVE by a schedule Monday through Friday because it is the best way for me to make sure my kids get enough sleep, that they get to school on time (that doesn’t always work, though, because things happen), and everybody is on the same page with what needs to be done when. Having a routine is so important; it’s good for the kids because they feel more secure in knowing what to expect and it keeps things running smoothly. So I create a schedule to let everybody know just what kind of routine we need to follow.

That said, I had to put together a new “school year schedule” this time, mainly because my daughter is going to a new school with new hours. I actually created two schedules: My own personal schedule as well as a schedule for the kids. In their schedule, they see when they have to wake up, have breakfast, leave for school, when I leave to pick them up, when they’ll have dinner, what time they shower, and when their bedtime is.

One thing that stood out on both schedules were two words in bold letters: “If Wednesday.”

Apparently, my Wednesdays are about to get a little crazy.

During the last school year, Jesse got out of school early on Wednesdays. That is continuing with this new school year. But now Wednesdays will be different for Jennifer, too. Last year, there were days she got out of school early on Fridays. The school start time was the same; she just got out early (and usually at 12:10). Now, with her new school, she’ll be getting out of school early on Wednesdays.

But she’ll also be starting school at a different time on Wednesdays, as well.

Did I mention my Wednesdays were gonna get crazy?? Looks like I’ll be jumping in and out of the car a little more often for this school year.

I am just glad I was able to figure out a schedule to make sure both kids are at their respective schools when they need to be, and when I need to leave to pick them up from school on certain days. It actually took me several drafts of the schedule before I was finally able to get it right and get everything in there that had to be in there, but I got it done. And I got the kids’ schedule done, too – which I plan to put up in their rooms as well as on the fridge so they can see it. Of course, any changes to the schedule – like snow days or early release days, or even no school days – will be put on the family calendar that I hang up in the kitchen, but as for every other normal day with the normal hours FOR THAT DAY, we’ll have a new routine and new schedule to follow.

Now if only I can get everybody used to the new bedtimes and wake-up times – including myself! That’s still a work in progress and we’ve had a couple of off days, but we’re getting there.

Friday, August 05, 2016

A week full of errands

I have had busy weeks and I have had VERY busy weeks (like a week full of sports events, music lessons, classes and doctor appointments). But this particular week has been an interesting one, because it was full of errands I had to run – for every day of the week!

No, I am not being dramatic. I literally had to run errands for every day of this week. I had stuff to do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that had me jumping in and out of the van, going from one place to another, or mailing one thing or another.

It was pretty much a crazy-busy week. And, yes, I have had those. Sure. But this time, it was crazy-busy in that I had lots of errands to run!

We are in the process of getting ready for “back to school.” That means organizing closets, dressers and cabinets, as well as getting the kids everything they need! They go back to school the first week of September and we want them to be ready.

But we are also taking care of things we couldn’t get around to before. Like mailing packages, sending out pictures and stuff like that. We are also buying things we need that we could not get before – like a new dishwasher! (We have been struggling with a broken dishwasher for some time.) So we’re taking care of that business, too. (After the school year starts, we won't have any extra money for stuff anymore, because all our money goes to the schools and the kids' school needs!!)

But why am I even blogging about this?

Because it’s the first time I have had “errands” to run for every day of the week! I usually have to run errands two or three times a week. Not five times! But that’s how it was this week. And that kept me pretty busy, too. I didn’t have a chance to do things that I wanted to do or needed to do because I was away running errands.

But I did take care of SOME things. With some help! My husband was the one to finally ship a couple of boxes I had sitting in the garage for months. I was finally able to place an order with the Books N Bears store for a book I wanted (many thanks, again, to the lady I spoke with for her patience!), and I did finally donate some old children’s books to the Little Free Library.

So there is that.

I am glad I got so much done this week but, wow, it sure kept me busy! I thought I was gonna try to slow down and relax this summer?? Well, I certainly hope that’s what I will be able to do this weekend. Then tackle a whole ‘nother busy week when the next Monday comes around! I might as well start getting used to having a busy week, because summer vacay is almost over.