Friday, September 29, 2006

Back pain again :(

My back is acting up again today. The pain is horrible and I'm literally dragging my left foot across the floor. I've almost cried a couple of times just from trying to move. I'm so grateful my daughter's dad will be here soon -- and that this is going down on a Friday! I'll be spending most of the weekend in bed, trying to get it better. It's no fun being laid up all by yourself but at least she'll be with her dad all weekend and I won't have to worry about her. Hopefully, I will be feeling better when she comes back. Meanwhile, she's being a big helper, picking things up for me and helping me to stand up/move. I'm worried I might be scaring her when I've cried out in pain. I'm taking Motrin for the pain -- it's all I've got but maybe I can try to get something better. I hate taking pills but nothing else seems to work. Not even heat/ice pack.

Meanwhile, I'm counting off the active stuff I had to do today, like go do laundry, but even at the computer, trying to meet the newspaper deadline, I can't even think straight.

I told my mom about my daughter's first poem and she started to cry. She said she's missing out on all the stuff she's doing, but soon she won't be missing out anymore.

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