Monday, September 30, 2013

The other Dawns

I have heard of employers doing a Google search on people applying for jobs. Recently, I had to fill out a form for the new job I got, and I started to wonder what kinds of things might turn up if they did a Google search on my name – my married name.

I was asked what other names I have gone by and I mentioned my maiden name, having used the name “Dawn Colclasure” for all of my writing work. I did not change the last name I write under after I married, as some female writers do, because I have always wanted to use the maiden name at all times, even if I was married. Some people in my family may wonder WHY I would choose to continue using that name since some of my siblings have some bad things on their record and people might think I’m like them, and there are some people who wish the ENTIRE Colclasure clan would suffer a slow and painful death. But, really, I want to keep using my maiden name for all of my writing endeavors. Some people on my husband’s side of the family have grudgingly accepted this.

I have done Google searches on the maiden name in the past. Only one thing came up: Author. But for my married name, it seemed there were A LOT of women out there with this name (since the last name, Wilson, is a common name) who were pursuing a variety of different careers. I decided to Google THAT name today and see what I came up with. I only went through a few pages in my Google search. These are the results I got:

Real estate agent
LOL I always say I'd never fit that job profile.

I have actually thought of taking up professional photography!

Hm, I AM interested in psychology, but not enough to make it a career.

Although I say I am of one religion, I have a strong interest in studying all religions, so I wouldn't feel right preaching just ONE religion!

LOL No way! Same reason why I'd never qualify as a real estate agent!

Hm, that's actually something that COULD be me. I've always been interested in getting into the film industry.

Museum Director
Oh, yeah! I love history and culture! That could TOTALLY be me! As long as I don't have to wear make-up or nice clothes.

Professor of Psychology
Hm, I have always wanted to be a teacher, and I AM interested in psychology. Another likely one!

I would definitely NOT fit this job profile for the same reason why I decided to pass on pursuing a career in herbal medicine: I am not one of those people comfortable with having someone's LIFE in my hands. I don't think I could live with myself if somebody died because of me.


Hey, that's me! Oh, wait, under my maiden name....

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