Monday, September 09, 2013

Two Meets and Greets

Today was a “meet and greet” kinda day for the kids. Both of them will be going into new schools for the new school year and today they met their teachers and saw where their classrooms was. (Well, Jesse did. The teacher for Jen’s room had the door locked the WHOLE time and we didn’t get to go inside! What the heck?) Jesse's teacher has a last name that is hard to pronounce but, thankfully, Jennifer's teacher does not. It's a common last name easy for me to pronounce. We also got the final paperwork taken care of and the school fee paid for Jen’s school. (I have to pay the fee for Jesse’s school on Wednesday – it is an annual school supply fee, which means I don’t have to buy him any school supplies. Yes! But I did have to buy school supplies for Jennifer. Sigh! The kids also got new clothes and Jen's dad bought her a backpack.)

When I was in the process of enrolling Jesse into his new school, I could not help but think how much enrollment has changed ever since I enrolled Jennifer into kindergarten. But the surprises did not end with enrollment! Now this school has morning and afternoon school for kindergartners. Additionally, the kindergartners don’t get lunch! When Jennifer was in kindergarten, she was there for a full day (except on early release days) and she DID get lunch! But now that won’t be the case for Jesse. Wow, I wonder when they stopped giving kindergartners lunch?

So I explained the situation to Jesse. I told him that, not only would he be having breakfast with me because he’s going to afternoon school, but he will also be having lunch with me. Of course I’m concerned he’ll get hungry at school (my kids are ALWAYS hungry!), but it’s only for a few hours so I think he’ll be okay. I assured him he WILL get lunch no matter what happens.

At Jen's new school, we got a little lost, even though we had a map. That place is like a maze! We had to ask some people where certain places were. After a while, we found an easy route for Jen to get to her locker then to her classroom. Easy enough to remember. But the funny thing was that, as we were leaving, we got lost again! We couldn't find a way out! And it was like we were the last people there because lights were off and doors were locked in some parts of the building. (It was almost 8 p.m.) I joked to Jen that maybe they locked us in. Eventually, though, we found our way to a door that opened to outside and not to some fenced-in court like with one door.

After everything was done and settled, Jennifer spent time texting with her friends to see what classes they had together. For Jesse, it’ll be brand new; none of his friends who graduated from preschool will be there and neither will his friend who lives next door. I am confident he will make new friends at his new school and I’m glad he’ll be at a school where I know so many of the staff.

Tomorrow is the big day and we are excited about the new school year!

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