Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jesse's first Open House

Tonight was Jesse’s first Open House at his new school, as a kindergartner. Jennifer was not feeling well today and had missed school, but I could not leave her home alone, so she had to come with us. She wasn’t happy about it but she got into day clothes, put on her sneakers and put on her hoodie to go with us. I was excited because this was Jesse’s very first Open House. I remember Jennifer’s very first Open House; Jesse had been a baby in the stroller at that time. Now it was his turn.

It was nice to see his teacher tonight. I also got to check out a special picture he made that was hanging on the wall. I got to check out his desk and go through his classroom, looking at everything. I also signed up for a parent-teacher conference.

Jennifer enjoyed meeting Jesse’s teacher but she wanted to go visit with her 5th grade teacher. I told her to go on ahead and we’ll catch up with her.

From the classroom, we explored the library then we went to the Music Room. While I chatted with the music teacher, Jesse went straight for the piano to try it out. I was surprised because he’d never shown any interest in playing a piano before. Jennifer has been asking for piano lessons for months. I asked the music teacher about it and she said every time Jesse’s class is in there, he goes for the piano. I made a mental note to consider piano lessons for him, as well. (Hey, if a kid has an interest in a musical instrument, I think parents should run with that!)

We also toured the cafeteria then spent some time talking with the principal after Jennifer rejoined us, as well as some other staff members of the school. It was nice to see some familiar faces again.

Finally, we checked out the playground, and Jesse pointed out what he liked to play on during recess. Walking around the campus, Jennifer got nostalgic. I could tell just by the way she was looking around that she was recalling special memories from when she attended that school. She smiled at me and said, “I’m happy I came here.” I am so glad she had some good times at that school.

It was a very nice first Open House for my kindergartner and I look forward to going to future events.

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