Sunday, September 01, 2013

Three days of fun and friends

First, there was the sleepover. One of Jennifer's best friends got to spend the night at our house. Lots of fun, good food and antics all around.

That was the first day.

Next came our summer picnic. Yay! I viewed it as an "end-of-the-summer" picnic. We got together with good friends and two other of Jennifer's best friends showed up. More good times and good food. I also got to talk with my friend about certain things going on, as well as going over all the things needed for enrollment in the new school. (Her daughter is going to this school, as well.)

That was the second day.

And then, there was the playdate. Jennifer was invited over to a friend's house and she was there for almost 6 hours! She even got to have dinner with them. More fun and it seems, good food was had by all.

That was the third day.

Three days of good fun with her friends for my daughter. She's so lucky! She said the day of the picnic was the best day of her entire summer – because, not only after the picnic did one of her BFFs get to come to our house for a visit, but she also got to have takeout from her favorite restaurant for dinner. Oh, and we ended the day with a movie she enjoyed, as well.

It's rare we get such good days. The same goes for Jennifer. In her case, she had 3 straight days of fun with her friends. I hope those are memories that will last her a long time. A great way for her to end her summer.

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