Thursday, October 03, 2013

Jennifer's twelfth birthday

Today my daughter turned 12 years old. I can't believe it's been twelve years since I gave birth to this little girl. She has definitely surprised and amazed us all with her talents, her zest for life and her can-do attitude! She has been inspiring and I feel so blessed this wonder kid is my daughter. She's definitely made her mark in art and writing, and now she's moving towards making videos and performing music! And now she is 12. This is her last year of her childhood. The last year she will be a kid. Next year, she becomes a teenager. Wow. How swiftly the years have gone by!

Because Jen's birthday landed on a school day this year, we went with our usual plan: A private, family party on her special day, then a party with her friends on the weekend. Unfortunately, her dad and I are both sick with a cold, so we are trying to figure out how the party with friends is going to turn out. Even so, I gave today my best effort, still going out to buy her gifts and get her cake even though I felt lousy.

Because Jen likes My Little Pony, and because this is her last year of childhood and may think My Little Pony is "too babyish" when she's a teen, I decided to make My Little Pony her party theme this year. Got her a My Little Pony cake and card, and Jesse bought her a My Little Pony movie. But she also got a Hilfiger hoodie, two books, and a gift card to Barnes & Noble. The books were one of the new Warrior Cats books she's been wanting, as well as a new Doctor Who book that is a character encyclopedia. She was sooo excited about the books when she saw them. She said they were "two of my favorite kinds of books." She was very happy with her presents. I'm glad she was happy with her presents. 

It was a nice little private party. I can't wait to see what Year 12 will bring us in the life of this young supergirl who isn't afraid to go after her dreams!

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