Wednesday, September 04, 2013

So now she's making videos

My daughter created a video recently and posted it on her Facebook page. It is the second video she has made, I think! The video shows off some of her most recent art, which I have to admit is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. She is really growing and improving as an artist! I told her she should feel proud of the fact that she can draw animals. I don’t know many artists who can! And I know that as long as she keeps up with it, she will get better than ever in the future.

Check out here Facebook page here and have a look at the video.

Also yesterday, Jennifer created a logo for my new publishing company, which will launch next year. Yay! She created the logo for my self-publishing imprint and now I have a logo for the publishing company. I am very excited about this new development and this new journey I will be taking. The logos are awesome and I can’t wait to share them!

I have been working on getting my next poetry book ready to send off to the printer. It is almost ready to go. I need to get the TOC put together and format it. I have the cover, the poems have been edited, and I created the copyright page. It’s got the dedication page and “About the Author” page. Soon it will be released. Woot!

Today, I came across an article on how to deal with negative blog comments. I saw that and thought, why even “deal” with negative commenters? Seriously, have we preached the tolerance message so much that we roll over and play dead anytime someone throws hate at us? As for me, I don’t “deal” with negative comments. I delete them. Life is too short to put up with haters, believe me. All the same, I read the article, and it made some good points. Definitely worth a look. (On the other hand, if someone is spreading hate, just for the purpose of spreading hate, then I definitely would suggest deleting the comment and/or blocking that person.)

This morning, I woke up with one thought: “I’ll ask Ruth.” The “Ruth” in question is the publisher of the haunted houses book, TOTALLY SCARED: The Complete Book on Haunted Houses, which I co-authored with Martha Jette. I recently learned that the contract for this book will not be renewed and that it will go out of print. So I had to find out how much time left before that happens. I am going to have to find a new home for this book. It will stay available under the current contract until December.

And speaking of books, I have been reading this other nonfiction book I wrote several years ago. I was actually inspired to write it when I got the ideas for it from meditation. I am reading it because I want to go over it, practice what it preaches, and see if it’s something that actually “works.” Something that could actually benefit a reader. The subject is Eastern Philosophy and it’s about a new way of thinking, living and growing. I really like it a lot but I have to go through the whole thing and see if it’s actually something that could fit into a person’s lifestyle. If I feel it is sound, I will ask a few beta readers to look it over and tell me what they think. If it gets some good feedback, I’ll consider submitting it somewhere.

My kids are big fans of the TV show, iCarly. We were sad when it ended. I bring this show up because, in the past, I tried making a dish that show introduced to us: Spaghetti tacos. When I first tried making them, I used regular spaghetti and a favorite sauce. It was okay. Today, I made spaghetti tacos again for lunch, and this time, I used canned spaghetti. It tasted MUCH better, although it is still messy.

Jesse spilled his juice during lunch. When he got a juice box from the fridge, he reminded me about when he was drinking a juice box last night at dinner, and when it started leaking. “That was so funny,” he said.

“You thought that was FUNNY?” I asked, surprised.

“Didn’t you think it was funny?” he asked.

“I thought it was CRAZY,” I said.

He nodded then said, “I thought it was funny and crazy.”

I have been thinking about this blogging thing. About the stuff I put on here. All this time, I keep the super-personal stuff in my private journal, and post the “other stuff” on here. But it seems like people see the things I share in my blog posts, or the things I have written in books, and it’s like they KNOW me or they understand me. But there is so much more about me that I don’t share. So much more of the REAL me that I put into a private journal. I share bits and pieces of what is in that journal, but not all of it. I once read about a teen girl who self-published her journal. I don’t know if I could ever do that with mine. Jennifer wants to read my journal after it is all filled up. I told her, “You can read it after I’m dead.” Maybe it is better that way. I have been told that my handwriting is unreadable.

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