Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Would you like discrimination with that?

My friend, Karen, recently experienced something I know all too well: Discrimination against the deaf. Unlike me, however, she experienced this discrimnation at a fast food drive-thru window!

Read all about it here:http://www.deafmomworld.com/

Just reading that -- even reading it again -- boils my blood. Ooh! It makes me SO MAD!

Of course I am angry over YET ANOTHER episode of discrimination against the deaf happening, but what angers me even more is how juvenile and insensitive that man was. And, to add insult to injury, this man was the MANAGER of that particular location!

How very, very sad. If people like that are made managers of fast food outlets, I don't want to ever eat at one again.

On the other hand, you have to wonder about what kind of training these people receive at these jobs. Aren't employees taught the customer is always right?

Or, in this case, IN THE RIGHT.

Karen was within her rights as a deaf customer and this man was violating her rights, as a disabled person, to receive the same service and customer care afforded to everybody else. It's too bad he didn't follow through on his threat to call the police because she could've reported him for violating federal law.

Karen has since taken her experience to the media, with appearances on Fox News and ABC News, and I can only hope some good will come out of it. She is entitled to the same privileges all of the other customers receive -- AND a public apology from that man, who should be ashamed of himself for being so insensitive, unprofessional and WAY out of line!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn its me authormom, I cant find my username and password to log in to my blogger account so I am having to leave this annonymously!!!

OMG I read the post and then the annonymous commentor post after that, how horrible.

All I can say is I hope that guy gets fired, reprimanded and I definitely hope they require him to apologize in person!!! The thing is, this guy is probably an idiot to everyone, so if he gets fired, no big loss. He needs a refresher in customer service and a big fat fine for breaking the law!!!

As for the anonymous commentor who said Karen must have been having a bad day, she sounds like my cousin that I am so annoyed at! "Stop having a bad day and just be happy you are alive." what a crock. I cant believe people go out of their way to be insensitive, its not like she HAD to leave that comment. The majority rules though, I saw she had 60-something supportive comments, I think most people would agree that this guy was in the wrong, was an idiot no matter WHO thinks he is a nice guy, he was not nice on this day and he will have to deal with the consequences.