Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another school tour

This past month, I have been busy making arrangements for everything that had to be done as far as getting my son into kindergarten in the fall. But I had to keep reminding myself of something else: I have more than one child switching schools in the 2013-14 school year.

My youngest will be entering elementary school and my oldest will be entering middle school.

Wow! Middle school! My oldest child will be going into 6th grade. How fast the time flies. I still remember her as a little baby.

So, yes. I had to take care of business with both of them as far as school changes are concerned. And today was the very last thing to do as far as what had a deadline. Today, my daughter and I toured the middle school – that is, the middle school she wants to go to. She has her heart set on this school and both of us are going to be disappointed if the lottery decides that she has to go to the OTHER middle school. Because after seeing this school today, I think it’s perfect for her! Even better, their mascot is the wolf, my favorite animal.

We ended up arriving for the tour a bit late. Apparently, the clock at this school is 8 minutes faster than the clock at my son’s preschool (where I had dropped him off before heading to this tour). But it was all good; we still got to get the papers we wanted and still get information during the meet-and-greet. We asked questions and discussed the things that they talked about on the screen. Jennifer was excited to learn that she’d be able to take classes such as Film, Publications and Band. She’s definitely interested in those! (She has actually been spending a lot of time on this one web site that allows her to create animated cartoons. Neat stuff!) she knows her future is in art (something this school excels at) but she’s also interested in Journalism and Filmmaking.

There was a lot of Q&As after the talk. Jennifer told me that one of the dads pointed out that his daughter was already studying Algebra and Trigonometry and wanted to know if she could be put into Advanced Math instead of regular math. When I learned this, I was surprised! The kid was probably Jennifer’s age, and she was a math whiz! Wow!

After the talk, we all walked around the school. Jennifer remembered one of the gyms because when she had played basketball, she once had a game there (and I had been sick with the flu at that time but still cheered her on all the same). We were really impressed by the school and especially by the size of the library and that it had a Science Wing. When we were done checking out the school, we asked the man in charge some extra questions.

After the tour was over, we went to the office and talked with the secretary I’d met with on my last visit. She helped me with certain areas of the School Choice Form I was not clear about then showed us a sample schedule of the types of classes 6th graders take. She also answered extra questions Jennifer had. 

After that, we checked out signs, awards and art displays in the hallway, then we went out to lunch. We talked about the tour during lunch and Jennifer kept going on about how much she LOVED the school. We are both hopeful she will be able to go to that school in the fall.

And I hope my son can go to the school of choice for elementary, as well.

Now we just have to wait for April to find out.


Anonymous said...

Oh i hope she gets in to the school! When my kids went they were placed in their math classes based on their test scores, parents cant just ask for it, but you CAN ask for advanced language arts and science. my kids have been in all challenge classes in elementary and all advanced classes since middle school and I DO NOT recommend this. Its extremely difficult even if you have tested in to all three automatically like my kids. If I could do it all over again I'd have chosen regular science for my kids for sure. One or two advanced classea are enough. Will Jen be in band?

This school sounds awesome!!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks, Nancy. It IS an awesome school! :) I don't know if Jen will go for Band, but she is interested in it. I guess we will wait and see. I don't know what the man told that father asking the question about math classes but, yeah, I would think they'd place students in classes according to test scores. That's the way it was with me, anyway. I would rather she take regular courses and not challenge courses. I really hope she'll get into this school.