Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doctor Who?

For a long time, I have been a big fan of the TV show, Doctor Who. I remember watching it as a kid and I have watched it on and off through the years. But the one thing is that I never saw the very first episode of Doctor Who. Not ever!

Recently, the BBC Network aired a Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, "Doctor Who Revisited." In this program, they aired the very first episode of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, I was only able to catch bits and pieces of it as it aired on TV, being as busy as I am with writing, keeping house, running errands and taking care of the kids. However, I DVRed it, thinking I could watch it later.

But the thing of it is, my life has been so insanely busy lately, later kept becoming later and later!

My husband will occasionally clear out the DVR recordings to make room for other stuff and he was doing that today. In the past, I or Jennifer got upset if he deleted something we had not watched yet. So today he had me and Jennifer watch as he went through everything and started asking if we’d already watched it yet BEFORE deleting it.

The thing of it is, Jennifer is THE huge Doctor Who fan in the family, so of course he asked Jennifer about the “Doctor Who Revisited” program to see if she had seen it. He didn't ask me, he asked her. I was trying to get his attention and trying to tell him that I wanted to watch that and to NOT delete it, but he ignored me. And went ahead and deleted it.


I was SO upset. I even cried a little. But my tears were because I had just been brushed off like that. My voice did not matter. What I wanted did not matter.

Later, he told me that Jennifer is the one who watches Doctor Who. I told him I watch it sometimes, too. My life is busy, I hardly EVER have time to watch any TV! And anyway, he and the kids hog up the TV every day. I hardly get to watch anything on TV! And I explained WHY that particular program was important to me. He said it’ll come on again sometime. Uh, no. It won’t. It was the 50th anniversary special. I seriously doubt it will come on again this year! And good luck finding the very first episode of Doctor Who closed captioned on DVD. Sure, they put old TV shows on DVD, but hardly ever do they have captions for the deaf viewers.

Grr! I was so upset. I said I’d never watch TV again AND I went ahead and deleted all the other programs I had saved for the time I HOPED to get to watch TV at some point in this lifetime!!

But now, forget it. I don't care anymore. THEY can have the dang TV. I will just read a book. At least no one can delete books.

...Well, I MIGHT watch TV again. If the program is aired again. And this time, I will cancel EVERYTHING ELSE to sit down and watch the whole thing.

UPDATE! I just checked the listings and this particular program, with the VERY FIRST episode of Doctor Who, will be on again on 2/24!!!


Thank you, TV people.

All of this has made me realize I really SHOULD make time to watch an occasional TV program. I know the kids like to watch TV and the husband likes to watch TV, but so do I! And I think I really SHOULD tell everyone, you know, let me see AT LEAST ONE THING on TV each day. Just one thing. Please.

Especially if that one thing is an episode of Doctor Who!