Friday, March 08, 2013

Special kid moments

There are days when, as a parent, you get a “special kid moment.” These are the very special moments when something sweet, nice, wonderful and just all around adorable happens. Today I was blessed with three special kid moments, and each one just warmed my heart.

The first one happened with my son, Jesse. I gave him a cardboard cutout of a heart. After some thought, he gave it back to me. When I asked him why, he said, “Because I love you.”

Awww. That was so sweet!

The second one was with a neighbor girl. We have known this little girl (age 7) for some time and my kids often play with her. Today she had a surprise for me. She made sure she had my attention then started to sign! She was using SIGN LANGUAGE! Apparently, this little girl had decided to learn how to sign so that she could communicate with her deaf neighbor. That was so very cool. It just melted my heart.

The third “special kid moment” was with my daughter, Jennifer. I gave her a hug and, just as I was starting to unembrace, she shook her head, pulled me close to her again and hugged me tight. She gave me a bear hug! That was nice.

Loved those special kid moments I had today – even the one that came from a kid who is not one of my own. But I think a “special kid moment” from any child is still wonderful all the same.

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