Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lucky number 13?

Today is the 13th day of February. When I pointed out to my daughter that today was 2-13-13, she said that it was appropriate to start with the number “2,” because there were TWO thirteens in today's date!

Now, for some, the number “13’ is unlucky. I don’t really subscribe to that belief and always shrugged it off when people mentioned that it was Friday the 13th. Well, maybe for some people, 13 IS unlucky, but it hasn’t really been all that unlucky for me.

Especially after today, because three awesome things happened for me today.

The first thing that happened is that I wrote and submitted an article this morning. Big deal, you might be thinking. But it IS a big deal for me. It has been so long since I have written an article, let alone submit it somewhere! I have been sooo busy working on books and the PR gig. It was nice to write an article again. Even nicer to send it off to a market!

The second good thing that happened today is that I signed and sent off the contract for a new poetry book. Yay! I talked about this book on my writing blog so no need to get into details about it here. But now it has OFFICIALLY been accepted.

The third awesome thing that happened today is that I am now a ghostwriter for books. Woo-hoo! Thus far, I have ghostwritten blog posts and articles, and now I’m going to ghostwrite books! Today I learned it’s going to happen after all and I have my very first client. Sooo happy about this! It has been my dream to ghostwrite books!

As for my daughter, she had a so-so day. She lost the art contest her drawing had been entered in and she was pretty bummed about that. I told her that no matter what happened, I still thought she was a winner! 

And she had three awesome things happen for her today, as well.  She made a short film with her little brother, she landed an opportunity to be interviewed about her book, AND ... she got a contract for her next book BEFORE the publisher even saw it! I was blown away when that happened. I told her that in all my years writing books, I have NEVER seen that happen. She is THAT good! Yay, Jen!

So she had some good things happen for her today.

So, with us, do we think a 13th day is bad luck? Hmm, nah, not really. Today actually wasn’t such a bad day after all, even despite getting hit with the number 13 two times on this day!

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