Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love day

Today is Valentine’s Day and while we don’t usually make a huge fuss over this day, we do make it a point to show each other we care. And it’s not just me and my husband exchanging Valentines; we ALL exchange Valentines in the family. The parents and the kids give each other something special to show that we all love each other.

And I think “love” is an important message we need more of in this world, especially with all the terrible things going on in it. All of the violence, murders and wars going on. We need some more love in this world!

Recently, I was shocked to learn that a local elementary school had canceled Valentine’s Day. Who on earth would want to cancel a day meant to show love? Especially in a setting where bullying, violence and shootings can happen. We need to teach children to learn how to like, even love, each other, not hate each other or create death lists or want to kill each other. So I thought it was a bad call for this school to do such a thing. (A lot of schoolchildren are still trying to heal from and understand the Sandy Hook school shooting.)

As for Jennifer’s school, I asked her if they were going to cancel Valentine’s Day there, too. She said, “We get to choose.” Basically, everybody at her school could participate in Valentine’s Day activities or not. It was totally an optional thing. I was glad to learn this, but Jennifer was not all that eager to go crazy about Valentine’s Day at her school. She is not exactly into the whole “love” thing. And I told her, well, then just be extra nice today. Be extra kind to everybody. It doesn’t HAVE to be about love; it can be about like. (She ended up making Valentines for her best friends, as well as a teacher’s aide who didn’t get any Valentines from anybody.)

Valentine’s Day was also celebrated at Jesse’s preschool, as well. In fact, they have been doing projects related to Valentine’s Day all week and today they all gave out Valentines. After he came home today, he kept reading and rereading his Valentines with a big smile on his face.

They really DO make people feel special.

As for us, I got my husband a book set as well as chocolate for Valentine’s Day. He got me chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries (which is what I asked for – yummy!). Husband and I also went out to lunch. The kids got me flowers and their dad chocolates. We gave the kids chocolates. And, of course, we all wished each other a Happy Valentine’s Day and told each other “I love you.” (Well, I already tell the kids that every day!)

It was a nice “love day” for all of us but of course we don’t need a special day of the year to remind each other that we love each other. We already do that every day. But getting a lot of chocolate in one day was definitely a nice perk for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Frank Baron said...

Sounds like the family had a fine day. Glad to hear it. :)

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks, Frank. Yes, it was a good day. I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day, as well.