Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Special guest blog post by Sue Chehrenegar

Residents of Nebraska Join the Battle against Breast Cancer

After Tracey Bartlett DuPont failed to win her fight against breast cancer, her husband decided to set up a foundation in her name. He called it the Tracey Bartlett DuPont Foundation. To go online and read about this new breast cancer organization, the Internet viewer should enter this URL:
Tracy Bartlett DuPont Foundation

“Tracy’s Angels,” those who have assisted with the establishment of this organization, have chosen to direct their efforts towards progress in three separate areas. They have decided to allocate a part of their Foundation money to the establishment of nursing scholarships. A second portion of the Foundation money will help to fund a new state of the art hospital.

Once a sufficient amount of the Foundation money has supported the creation of nursing scholarships and the building of a new hospital, the remaining money will cover the costs of selected breast cancer research and development programs. At the same time, the Foundation website will continue to post information on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Because Tracy’s husband is a programmer, he has organized his website with an eye to the needs of the breast cancer patient and the breast cancer survivor. In fact, his website focuses on delivery of information to those two groups of women. So, do not think that you need to be a programming pro, in order to benefit from visiting this Foundation website.

Sue Chehrenegar became a freelance writer about six years ago, after devoting 30 years to the pursuit of a career in biomedical research. Sue has been writing online content about health related issues since 2004. Sue has also done some grant writing, as well as composing articles for a couple children's magazines.

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