Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Organization spotlight: Breast Cancer Solutions

The Breast Cancer Survivors organization was formed in 1998. They have recently changed their name to Breast Cancer Solutions.

They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting anyone who has been affected with breast cancer, either as a patient or as a survivor.

They have contributed more than $2,600,000 to support 1100 people affected by breast cancer. Unfortunately, they only assist people located in Southern California.

They not only assist patients on a financial level but they also become an advocate for that person to receive treatment and information during the course of the disease.

In order to continue their services and assistance to anyone affected by breast cancer seeking their help, they hold fundraisers, accept donations and offer volunteer positions.

Their Web site: Breast Cancer Solutions

Their contact information:

Breast Cancer Solutions
270 Bristol Street, #101-142
Costa Mesa , CA 92626-7940

866.960.9222 phone
866.781.6068 fax

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