Monday, October 26, 2009

Organization spotlight: Bright Pink

Bright Pink is a national nonprofit organization devoted to helping women who are fighting both breast and ovarian cancer. Their goal in offering education and support is to "arm young women with knowledge, options and a great attitude, and offer companionship and empathy during their journey. We empower them to take control of their breast and ovarian health and in turn, grant them the freedom and peace of mind to live a beautiful and fulfilling life."

Part of the work they do is partnering with companies to create products that promote breast cancer awareness, mainly during September and October. As an example, the specially-created pink Bubblemint Orbit White Gum means 10% of sales of this gum will go towards supporting this organization.

Their Little Bright Book series, which medical professionals can obtain for free from the site, provides information about breast and ovarian cancer. Titles include "A Young Woman’s Guide to Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk and How to Be Proactive with Your Health” and the breast/ovarian cancer fighter/survivor's edition “For Our Mothers and the Women We Love: A Guide to Being Proactive and Protecting Your Family’s Health."

The site also provides a wealth of information about breast and ovarian cancer, all written by a team of medical professionals who understand the needs and concerns of those who are at risk of either cancer.

Also, anyone looking to connect with another cancer fighter/survivor can check out the PinkPals program. This will pair you with someone similar to your own situation who you can talk with and turn to for support via phone or email. You may even be able to meet your PinkPal in person.

The organization also emails or texts monthly reminders to "make time for the girls," offer information about a physical outreach group in your area, and visitors may even submit questions to genetic counselors ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.

They also offer educational workshops and conferences.

For more information: Bright Pink

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