Thursday, October 01, 2009

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! NBCAM was founded 25 years ago by a variety of health and medical organizations promoting the message of breast cancer awareness.

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Here are some interesting facts about workplace successes thanks to Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

* All District of Columbia government employees received a breast cancer message on their pay stubs.

* In Mississippi, McDonald's restaurants printed tray liners with a mammography message and a toll-free information line.

* Information flyers were mailed out in Avon catalogs and to food stamp recipients in Montana.

*In Albuquerque, NM, the local ValPak coupon package was mailed to every house within a designated ZIP code, carrying an insert on breast cancer early detection, along with valuable coupons from local vendors.

* A Wal-Mart pharmacy in North Olmsted, OH, put information in each prescription bag during October. They also ran announcements on their PA system and made sure employees were informed, as well.

* Lands' End, located in southwest Wisconsin, employs 5,000-8,000 individuals, depending on the season. After realizing there were no adequate support groups in the southwest region of Wisconsin, one employee and breast cancer survivor started an entirely voluntary support group with 30 members called the Lands' End "Breast Friends."As soon as an employee is diagnosed with breast cancer,"Breast Friends" sends a mail or phone message encouraging them to participate. There are between 15-20 women each month who meet. The group also sponsors and particapates in breast cancer awareness activities annually.

* AstraZeneca began an in-house breast cancer screening program, beginning in 1989. Employee participation in the program, which also includes educational activities and clinical breast examinations, is more than 90 percent, exceeding national averages of about 30 percent. Some of the major "selling points" among employees are familiarity with medical staff, the ease of getting an appointment during the work day, and the feeling of being cared for by a staff committed to breast health.



Anonymous said...

This is such a big thing, all the breat cancer awareness, I have never been so "AWARE" of breast cancer as in the last two years, ha ha

Not that its a laughing matter, no no no. Its just, pink used to be...just pink. Now its all about the boobies!

I am not afraid to get cancer because I dont take any hormone therapies (birth control pills...yes they cause breast cancer) but I do get a mammogram every year. So far, so good! You are still too young I think, but not too young for the self check so check em... :-D

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks for the comment, Nancy. :) Yes, definitely. Check 'em! It can't hurt to at least do the self-exam every month. And this way, a woman can learn how to do the self-exam correctly over time.