Saturday, September 26, 2009

A squirrel story

Today, while Jennifer was out front riding her bike, I sat on the porch reading a book while also keeping an eye on her. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a squirrel cautiously scamper up to the little rock garden we'd constructed for Jennifer. When it was evident he wouldn't run off if I looked at him, I watched as the little guy came up to the biggest rock and started digging. This got me curious. A squirrel is digging in the dirt? Seriously??

Well, I guess holes dug in a yard can't be blamed on the dog anymore! Ya hear that, people? It's not always Rover's fault if you find a hole in the yard!

But, seriously. This particular squirrel was not just digging a hole. Actually, after he dug a hole that was deep enough, he deposited the chestnut he had in his mouth (probably taken from our tree!). That's right, he buried the chestnut in the ground!

Dogs bury bones. And squirrels bury nuts. Heh.

I watched with amusement as the squirrel used his tiny hands to push the dirt back over the hole. Yes, he PUSHED it over the hole! I couldn't believe my eyes! Just as people push dirt into holes, so do the squirrels!

But the biggest surprise came when the squirrel patted -- yes, he PATTED -- the dirt firmly onto the ground over that hole! WOW!

I could not believe my eyes, As the squirrel finished burying his treasure, I laughed with amusement and cried out, "Oh, my God. Wow!"

That was SO NEAT! I have never seen such a thing. I am used to seeing squirrels hoard nuts in trees. But not on the ground.

I called Jennifer over and told her about this. She thought it was funny, too. She wished she could've seen it. Heck, I wish I could've taken a picture! If only I had my digi cam or cell phone with me. Darn! I figured if I moved to run and get a camera, the squirrel might run off. But trust me, it was SOOOO CUTE to see such a thing!! Those little squirrel hands patting down that dirt.

And I started to wonder how many OTHER nuts were buried in that garden. Hmm.

I told Jennifer he's probably storing them for after winter. And I said that might be a bad idea, because there will be snow on the ground, covering up all their secret hiding places.

I told hubby about it and he confirmed the squirrel was indeed probably storing food for winter.

It was such a cute thing to see and I am grateful that I got to witness it.


Anonymous said...

are you serious? he patted the ground?! In the ten years I have lived here with all these squirrels i have never witnessed that!! I'm going to have to be more observant!!!!!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Nancy, he totally patted it! It was so awesome to watch something like that. He didn't pat it like BANG!BANG!BANG! the way people do. LOL It was like he was gently patting at the ground. Like he was patting a little baby in bed. I guess that treasure was LIKE his baby. LOL :)