Monday, September 28, 2009

American Idolatry

Yesterday, I bought an issue of People Magazine for my daughter. I bought it for her because it was a special iCarly issue, and she LOVES iCarly.

While Jen was happy to get the magazine, my husband was not. When I asked him why, he explained he didn't want her to idolize people or things or...well, whatever else you can idolize!

I told him she already "idolizes" things. Like the TV show Avatar. Even though Avatar is over, she still loves that show and often plays Avatar with friends at school.

And it's not just Avatar she's crazy about. She also likes Scooby-Doo (she's got a Scooby-Doo plate and a Scooby-Doo lunch box!) and she's nuts over the Pet Shop toys. (Heh, I almost typed Pet Shop Boys!)

As to music, she does like Hannah Montana.

She already "idolizes" people and things. But I have made sure she doesn't get fanatical about them. And I don't see how buying her the iCarly magazine encourages her to idolize people!

If you want to talk about idolizing celebrities...well, I know a certain little girl in Eugene who is OBSESSED with Hannah Montana. Of course, I won't say her name. But I did notice how she has EVERYTHING Hannah Montana. Clothes, pillows, DVDs, accessories. Even a Hannah Montana peg board! As I noticed all of this, I could only shake my head and inwardly grumble over girls idolizing celebrities. And that was my husband's complaint, too. The way he put it, he doesn't want Jennifer to get all starry-eyed and weak in the knees and screaming "OH MY GOD! IT'S CARLY!!" every time she sees anything...with iCarly on it.

I'll admit, that kind of infatuation with celebrities and musicians was in my past, but as a tween and teen. Not as a child. I had a HUGE crush on Ricky Shroder and went nuts over bands like The Police and Heart, and singers like Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper. I was TOTALLY crazy about them and my parents pretty much just put up with my infatuation. They realized it was just a phase all girls go through. My dad would roll his eyes and mutter jokes whenever I bought those Teen Beat and Sweet 16 magazines. But he didn't freak out over it and start worrying over me idolizing people or things.

I really don't think Jennifer is at risk of idolizing iCarly, or any other TV show or celebrities. She's just a normal 7-year-old kid (almost 8!!) who just likes to watch iCarly and listen to Hannah Montana sing. Heck, sometimes she'll even dress up in her Hannah Montana costume and sing! But she's not obsessed with them. Her room is not covered with iCarly stuff or Hannah Montana stuff. She likes a variety of people, a variety of shows and a variety of things.

And as long as she has that variety, I think we'll be okay.


Anonymous said...

I think you're right. I don't see how a single magazine can be harmful, sheesh! And what if she DID jump and scream over a movie star one day when she was a that some kind of crime?!!! This makes me think of that DSL commercial with the two turtles, where the guy turtle is doing a square dance song up on top of a bale of hay on a wagon and the girl turtle says very annoyed, "get down" and then the guy turtle says, "WHY DONT YOU LIKE FUN?" lol

Thats what this sounds like, your hubby doesnt like fun, or is annoyed at what other people think is harmless fun.

My kids have enjoyed many shows including iCarly and Avatar and some others but have not ever idolized anyone. In fact I personally liked Hannah Montana but my kids did not, LOL!
Actually Izzy has an Anti Hannah Montana attitude and wont wear anything that says Hannah Montana on it! (do you realize how difficult clothes shopping has been for the last two years because of this? ha ha!)

Dawn Colclasure said...

You know, I haven't seen that commercial, but it sounds about right. :)

Yeah, there's no crime in going nutso over celebrities! Lots of teenage girls do it all the time! I don't because I have worked with A LOT of people who have something of celebrity status and I know I must act professionally at all times because being a writer is a job that's 24/7. ;) Anyway, they're human beings just like us. Even though they do happen to have more talent, skill, looks, money and fame. But they are STILL people.

That's so funny about the Anti-Hannah Montana thing. LOL! I wonder if there is a club like that. Oh, wait, maybe I have said too much...