Sunday, January 25, 2015

The awesomeness that was today

I normally have a “to-do” list to tackle every Sunday. It’s the usual “getting ready for another busy week” stuff. Washing school clothes, getting the kids’ school stuff together for the morning rush, planning meals for the week and putting together tomorrow’s grocery list. All that fun stuff. But it seems lately that I am making notes on OTHER things to tackle during my weekends, like an ongoing project or cleaning/organizing an area of the house/yard/garage. (Stuff I can’t do during the busy week!)


Well, I had that going on this weekend, and I split the list in two. I got some stuff done yesterday and some stuff done today. Unfortunately, I didn’t get ALL the stuff for today done because, first of all, I could not get the thing I needed to work on my recipe project and, second, when I stopped to take a nap, it was DARK when I woke up! So that canceled out taking the car to the car wash. (I still cleaned out the car, though.)

It was still a great day. I wanted a BLT for lunch but, unfortunately, we didn’t have any tomatoes. So I whipped together a different sandwich for lunch: Bacon, ham and Swiss. It was YUMMY!!

I also updated my website, cleaned off the top of the fridge (which was very dir-tay) and updated my files. I also tackled a stack of papers on top of one of the bookcases and got the mail ready to go for tomorrow.

Another AWESOME thing that happened today? I FINALLY finished something I have been working on for weeks! I have this YA fantasy series going on and I'm building the fictional world and naming everybody and everything as I go. It's like the story is unfolding in bits and pieces. One major part of it is the worldbuilding. I have been spending some time studying maps and researching how to create a fictional map to go with my fictional world. Well, today, I was reading this month's issue of National Geographic, and on one page, there's a picture of how the North America continent looked thousands of years ago. We're talking a LONG time ago. And part of that continent seemed to grab me. I don't know what happened, but as I looked at it, I saw my fictional world take shape. I saw the kingdoms and what it was all supposed to look like. It was just...surreal. I tried tracing it onto paper based on that picture but I couldn't do it. So I asked Jennifer to give it a try. The first thing she did was tear out the page! GAH! ( I love National Geographic and actually collect the magazines, so I died a little inside after that page was torn out.) She could not do it. I wouldn't give up. I grabbed the torn page and pressed REALLY HARD with my pencil to shape it out on the paper. The faint outline was there, so I traced over it then got to work creating the rest of it. I added all the other details like names, etc., and soon, voila! My fictional world for this series was finally on paper! I was SO HAPPY to get that done! I had to sacrifice a page from my beloved National Geographic, but it got done.

And I was also able to make the brownies I had been unable to make last weekend. I didn’t have everything for the recipe last weekend so I decided to make them this weekend. Alas, I was 2 eggs short after we were in the process of melting the chocolate. Fortunately, my awesome neighbor saved the day by giving us two eggs. (Thanks, Julie!) It was quite a job making these brownies! It was certainly a two-person job, because at one point, you have to pour and whisk at the same time. (With my left hand being the way it is, that’s not quite feasible.) It was A LOT of whisking, too! My hand got tired so hubby took over. So we both made the brownies together. And they were SO GOOD! Yummy! The recipe is called “Supernatural Brownies.” And we are ending this awesome day by watching Supernatural. Very cool!

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