Sunday, January 04, 2015

Rory on Broadchurch!

If there is one channel we leave the TV on in our home a lot, it’s definitely BBC. Sure, my kids like to watch shows on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, but it’s the BBC channel we often have the TV turned to for as long as a whole day. There are certainly a lot of shows on there we all like. Doctor Who, Kitchen Nightmares, Sherlock, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Top Gear. We also watched Torchwood, when it was on there. The BBC has definitely got some good ones!

Lately, I have noticed how they’ve really been pushing the forthcoming new episode of their show Broadchurch. I have never seen this one but now I’m going to get in on this and try to catch up on what I’ve missed of it so far! The new episode will air in March, but there has been A LOT of publicity about it on the BBC. Enough to make me take notice.

I certainly took notice when I saw that David Tennant is in this show!

David Tennant was once the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who. We’ve definitely enjoyed watching Doctor Who episodes with Ten (he’s Jen’s favorite doctor; mine is Eleven) so he’s definitely someone I recognized in another TV show! In fact, when they were showing the previews, when it showed the clip with David Tennant, it aired the review quote “Ten out of ten!” I could only smile and say, “I see what they did there.”

When I told Jen about it, she nodded and said, “I saw Rory, too.”

I was, like, What? Rory? Where did I miss that??

I quickly Googled the show to bring up the cast but didn’t see him there. So I checked Wikipedia and it said that the actor Arthur Darvill (who played Rory Williams in Doctor Who) was added to the new shows.


Last night, I DID finally see the preview that included Rory. When that happened, I told Jen, “I saw Rory!” She smiled that said/signed, “First Rory was with Eleven and now he’s with Ten.”

That is so cool! I wonder if Amy (Karen Gillan) will be joining them next. That would be EXTRA cool!!

The funny thing is, I have often wondered whatever happened to Rory and Amy when they were sent back in time, making them “dead” in the present day during the episode “The Angels Take Manhattan.” This was the OFFICIAL death of Rory Williams (after he’d already “died” all those other times!) and, Amy, being the devoted wife and because she loves Rory so much (and we can’t have Rory WITHOUT having Amy, too!) went back to be with him. (She was lucky she went back to the same time he was sent to!) I have always been curious about the lives they lived then. Who they were, how different their lives were during that period of time – and without their Doctor. And, in a sense, Rory being in Broadchurch gives me some kind of glimpse of that. A possibility of what his “past life” must have been like. Now all we need is Amy.


Night Moon Shade said...

Amy should definately be added! Rory and amy NEVER part!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Rory and Amy forever!!!