Friday, January 09, 2015

Colby Jack week!

It all started when I was dissatisfied with a fast food purchase. I’d seen the commercials for Wendy’s Monterey Jack Ranch Chicken Burger. So I wanted to try it. But when we got it, I was disappointed right from looking at it.

First, it was small. Then, the taste wasn’t so great. It was ... okay. For a small chicken burger sold to the tune of a dollar twenty-nine.

I thought, you know, I could do better. So I set out to try.

But I didn’t imitate THEIR burger. What I did was end up using a DIFFERENT kind of cheese for MY chicken burger. Which was a lot larger, I might add. I used Colby Jack cheese. And, oh my Lord, it was delish!

This set me on the task of trying other ways of using Colby Jack cheese in recipes. The following are the results.


My chicken burger:

Mayo on the bun
Breaded chicken patty
Colby Jack cheese


Ham sandwich:

Mayo on both slices of white bread
Colby Jack
Result: I slapped both slices together and ate. Yum! Would like to try it with sourdough bread.

Grilled cheese with Colby Jack
Tomato soup

Result: The sandwich was really good but it tasted even better when I dipped it into the tomato soup.


Breakfast sandwiches:

Toasted white bread
Colby Jack
Fried egg

White bread
Colby Jack
Fried egg

Result: Both were good but the first one was MUCH more tastier!


Cheese quesadilla

I LOVE quesadillas so I tried out the Colby Jack cheese for a plain cheese quesadilla. I also had one of the beef fajitas we were having for lunch and the flavor combo of both was AWESOME!

Result: The quesadilla was good. Combined with chicken or beef, it would taste great!

I am so glad I discovered Colby Jack cheese and tried it out with different recipes. We’ll definitely be keeping it as part of our regular cheese supply!

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