Saturday, May 31, 2014

For once, I wasn't late!

People who know me know one thing that’s very true about me: I am always late. Late for class, late for an appointment or late picking someone up. I’m either late or I’m running late. Sometimes I manage to get to certain places just in time, but sometimes not. I’m usually late when I pick Jennifer up from school, as well as the little girl I occasionally babysit.

In fact, this morning, when I was dropping her off at school, I told Jen today was Early Release so I’d pick her up at around that time. Then, remembering I’m usually late, I threw in an “ish.”

She made a face, squeezed her fist as though in a fight, and said in what LOOKED like a growling voice, “Be on time!”

I squirmed in my seat and said, “Okay! You don’t HAVE to get all Exorcist on me about it!”

After I got Jesse off to school on his bus later on (which I arrived EARLY for – YES!), I realized I only had 55 minutes of free time before Jennifer got out of school. So I just ran some errands instead of TRYING to get some work done on the books, because I REALLY would have liked to have a whole hour to do the stuff I had to do. I didn’t HAVE an hour so I took care of some other things.

Then after that, I went to Jen’s school and sat in the car in the parking lot, drinking my coffee. After the coffee was gone, I started organizing things in the car. (Been too busy all week to clean up the mess the kids made in the backseat!) After that, I noticed more parents were arriving to pick up their kids, so I decided to head on in to see if school was out yet. (I don’t have a watch and my phone was not working at that time so I had no idea what time it was.) After I went inside the school, I made small talk with one of the secretaries then realized that school had JUST let out so I went looking for Jennifer. When I found her, I was all like, “I’m on time!”

I was also on time picking up the little girl, who also had Early Release today (an hour later!). In fact, I got there EARLY. (I got there early for Early Release. Hah!)

An hour AFTER that, it was Jesse’s turn to be dismissed from school (no Early Release for him today – how weird if it was Early Release at 3 different schools on the same day!). I arrived at his bus stop to pick him up – EARLY! Woo-hoo!

I was early three times today! EARLY, not late! That was pretty awesome. Don’t think that miracle will happen again anytime soon, though. But it was nice that it did.

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