Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More school incidents

This evening, I had Jennifer pleading to me to email her teacher about something that happened today at school. I was okay about doing that, but I also had to email a reply to Jesse's teacher, because something had happened to him at school, too, that I had to take care of as well. Yep, both kids had stuff going on at school I had to get involved with.

I did email Jen’s teacher this evening, as well as the school’s registrar about something else that happened today. (Ack! Why does it always have to be more than one thing??!!) But I also emailed Jesse’s teacher, too. 

To start off with, Jesse was bullied by a boy in his class yesterday. The kid punched Jesse in the chest! We were really upset about this, but when he told me that his teacher did nothing after he told her about it, I thought, That doesn’t sound right. Bullying is a Big Deal and I firmly believe any student who bullies another, let alone by using violence, should be disciplined. (Bullying is a touchy subject for me, because I’ve been bullied for years in the past.) So I contacted his teacher via email and she explained the situation. We talked with Jesse again this evening and his teacher is going to get on this tomorrow when he gets to school.

Then there was what happened with Jennifer. First, her progress report arrived by mail today and I almost fainted when I saw she got an “F” in Math. OMG!! I freaked. And I was livid, too. Her dad was also upset. Later he talked with Jennifer about it, and I noticed Jennifer saying she was trying to do the work and that she got confused. Jennifer is in Advanced Math and I was starting to think maybe she should not be in Advanced Math anymore. I talked with my husband about that idea and he talked to Jennifer but she doesn’t want to change her Math class. Well, she logged in at the school website later and, actually, her grade for Math was a B+. We were confused about that and her dad suggested she check in with the school to confirm that is indeed her grade.

The other thing I had to email her school about was because a teacher had taken something from her in class and had not given it back. Jennifer is creating a piece of art for a friend at school and she was showing it to him in class to ask him if the color was okay. The teacher saw this and had Jennifer hand it over. She was really upset about that because she has worked on it for 3 days. I told Jen I’d email the teacher but, at the same time, I reminded her that that was what teachers DO! Save that stuff for AFTER or BEFORE the class. Not during class. So I sent that email off tonight, as well.

I only hope both of those things get resolved and I also hope both kids learned something from their incidents.


Millie said...

Wow! I hope Jesse is okay! That is a sensitive area to get hit! A lot of major stuff could happen if the impact was too hard!! I would check in with that teacher, and make sure Jesse keeps you updated if the bullying continues. I hope Jen's grade is the one the website said! lol! I think she's a trooper for staying in advanced math! Go Jen! Hope the teachers take care of these situations!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks, Millie. Well, the teacher said she took care of it and Jesse was okay. I am still curious if the boy had any kind of disciplinary action taken against him for punching a classmate. I don't feel right about it if the kid thinks he can go around punching people without getting into trouble for it. As for Jen: I admire her choice, too. :) I was not able to meet with the teacher on Friday, unfortunately, but I hope I can talk to her about the grade tomorrow.