Saturday, May 25, 2013

Turning 39

Today is my 39th birthday. It started off with some back and hip pain I woke up to (ah, getting old) but it was made better when hubby wished me a happy birthday with hugs and kisses before I left the bedroom with Jesse at my feet. I got to sleep in this morning, though I usually sleep in on Saturdays, and that was nice. Also got some time to read this morning while Jesse played. Also nice.

I was also happy to see such a beautiful sunshiney morning. I opened the blinds to allow the sunshine to pour through the windows and into the rooms.

I had doughnuts and bacon for breakfast this morning. Yummy! And to make the morning even better, I spent some time texting with my best friend to talk about birthday stuff. I was touched she remembered my birthday. (I’ve known her since high school!)

But today was NOT going to be a day of relaxation. I had plans!

One thing I had to do was give the dog his bath. He doesn't like baths but I bet he was happy to be all cleaned up and smelling pretty afterwards. I also took care of the laundry and tidied up the house a bit.

Another thing I wanted to get done today is clean out the one desk drawer I use for all my writing stuff. There were a lot of files in there for books already done as well as papers I didn’t need anymore. So cleared all that out and got the drawer back in order.

One other thing was to get the car washed but hubby ended up doing that for me.

We also went out to lunch at Marie Callender’s. I was happy and sad to have lunch there. Happy because it’s such a beautiful restaurant and their food is so good, but sad because they are closing down that branch here in Eugene. Tomorrow is the last day! So I really wanted to have lunch there because who knows when we could get out to eat at the one in Medford.

I was also touched by the many, many birthday wishes I received on Facebook. I even had some early birthday wishes from some people yesterday. Thank you so much, everyone! Love you all! Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after 8 p.m. I could finally get on the computer to respond to them all. But I’m glad I was able to that same day. (It’s so hard to have computer time on the weekends; there’s only one computer the four of us must share!)

To top it off, there was a nice cake and presents. I got a Starbucks card from my sister in the mail today – what perfect timing! (Thanks, Millie!) Jennifer got me the cutest coffee cup. It has a picture of a tough-looking pit bull on it with the message, “You barkin’ at ME?” I joked to Jennifer that that was me in the mornings before I’ve had my coffee. LOL Then after I’ve had my coffee, I turn into a little active and yippy Chihuahua! LOL Jesse got me a Caribbean-scented candle, which was really nice. Not the lavender one I wanted, but I don’t have this scent, either, so I’m happy with it. And, finally, I got another gift card for the bookstore. My second one this month! Oh, boy, I get to buy books! YAY!! 

Ah, coffee, candle and books. What a perfect gift combo! Oh, and let's throw in the completed cover for the first GHOST Group book that I got in the email today. It lookes really good and I am really excited about this book's pending release. Woo-hoo!

It was a really nice birthday today and I really appreciate everyone and everything that was a part of it.

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