Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Family Barbecue

The other day, I posted on Facebook about how the kids went to a friend’s house for a barbecue. Today, the three of us went to a Family Barbecue – the annual BBQ that Jen’s school has every summer. I definitely love barbecued foods and would not turn down going to a BBQ, so I was excited about it!

We got to the BBQ at about 20 minutes after it began. We each loaded up our plates, got some lemonade then found a place to sit at the bench tables. Jen and I both ate our food but Jesse wasn’t really crazy about a barbecued hot dog, so he sort of picked at the food on his plate. He drank lots of lemonade, though!

After we ate, we all went out to the playground and the kids played. I looked for a friend but I could not find her. I found her daughter, though, and was informed her mom had stayed home because she wasn’t feeling well. I did talk to my friend's husband, though. We briefly chatted about stuff going on.

While Jennifer hung out with her friends, Jesse had so much fun at the playground. He played with a little girl on the swings then he played on the jungle gym and bars. I helped him to swing on the bars and to do a trick (which he was really excited about being able to do) then he practiced walking on the balancing beam. I couldn’t help but smile over how he challenged himself on that beam until he was able to walk the whole thing. He was happy about that and I gave him a high-five.

I looked around as kids all around me played in the playground. Not too far off in the field was a Little League baseball game. In another part of the field, a group of boys were wrestling, and in another part, a small family was playing with a large, inflated airplane. It was such a nice, beautiful day. I was worried about the sun beating down on my burn scars but it was not that bad and even a little breezy. All the same, I tried to stay in shady areas as much as possible.

At one point, Jennifer wanted to play tag with Jesse. When he was running, he fell and hit his head. He got a bad scrape on his forehead. I had him sit down on the bench while Jennifer ran to get a cold, wet cloth for me to use to stop the bleeding. After that was taken care of and he felt okay again, the two of them ran off. He laughed and ran as they played in the field. I could only smile and shake my head, thinking, He’s fine.

I walked around the field watching the kids play then I noticed a piece of paper on the ground. I picked it up and read “Operation Texas” on it. Weird! Never heard of that. I stuck the paper into the fence then walked to sit down on the field near the kids. I took out my phone and Googled “Operation Texas”; Wikipedia said it was some kind of secret mission years ago to help Jews. Hm, interesting!

After a while, I was getting really thirsty and told the kids I wanted to get home. Soon we left, the two of them running and chasing each other on the way to the car, with me doing a bit of running too to keep up with them, then we got into the car and I texted hubby to let him know we were on our way home. We got ice cream on the way and I was sure to drink A LOT of ice water after we got home. I made sure the kids had water, too.

I was tired and worn out from the day but we had a great time at the Family Barbecue.

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