Saturday, May 11, 2013

A better National Train Day this year

We love trains – well, Jesse (age 5) and I certainly do – and so last year we were excited about going to National Train Day events going on at the Eugene train station. Unfortunately, we got there too late; everything was over and gone. Actually, the only thing left were some pamphlets and a model train set not yet packed up.

So for this reason, I wanted to get out there for National Train Day as early as possible. This time, it was just Jesse and me going. We got there at a good time; almost everything was still set up. (I guess the mayor left and the music band were gone.) But a lot of the booths and everything were still there, and I was grateful for that.

They had a Chuggington station depot set up for kids and Jesse had fun playing with the Chuggington train set with some other kids. He got a Chuggington toy train, a coloring book, a Chuggington poster and a paper train conductor hat that reads “Junior Conductor.”

We also visited the many booths and checked out a model train set. I even entered a drawing for a chance to win one such model train set. Jesse got a balloon sword, a stuffed toy, a pin, sticker and a whole bunch of other stuff about trains and National Train Day. He even got a free cookie. It was pretty awesome. I joked later on that he made off with some good loot.

It was too bad we did not see an actual train. I had so hoped to take a picture of Jesse wearing that “Future Conductor” hat and standing next to a train. But we had a nice time and everybody was so nice. It was cool to see so many people as excited about trains as we were and there was even a little boy there dressed like a train conductor!

We had such a nice time. Afterward, we got ice cream and then Jesse played with his own train set after we got home. He fell in love with the stuffed toy he got, which of course he named “Amtrak.”

I am glad we had such a great experience for National Train Day this year. We definitely look forward to going back again next year!

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