Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Four and four

I believe that for every yin, there is a yang. There is positive and negative, good and bad. Just the scales balancing out, as they should. There has to be a balance. Last week, I mentioned on Facebook how I was having rotten luck on a particular day. But, on the other hand, the rest of my week had been pretty good. So, in a way, this “bad luck day” was just a way of my week “balancing out.” There’s good and bad – always.

Yesterday, that ended up happening, too. There was a sort of “balancing out” with the books I was reading AND the books I was working on. I thought that was pretty neat so I wanted to blog about it. (After all was said and done at the end of my day yesterday, I was way too exhausted to write this blog post, so I am writing it today.)

Normally, I don’t plan my day ahead in my dayplanner. I DO write down appointments, scheduled events and things I HAVE to do on a particular day, but I pretty much let the day take care of itself. I KNOW what has to happen, and I DO try to make those things happen. But I don’t write them all in there unless they DO happen. So that was an even bigger surprise yesterday, that the day just filled itself up on its own and, at the same time, struck a balance as far as books being worked on and books being read are concerned.

During the week, I work on my books while the kids are in school. Usually, I’ll work on two books while they are in school. I DO try to squeeze in a bit of book work here and there when they are home, but that really depends on if the children are preoccupied. They usually are and I’ll usually manage to get work done on an extra book, making the number of books I work on being 3.

But yesterday, I managed to work on four books in one day. Thankfully, the children stayed busy A LOT yesterday (thank goodness there are days they will play together so well) and so, yesterday in the late afternoon and last night, I was able to work on two books while they were home. I was able to work on four books yesterday! WOO-HOO!!! That was a new record, so, yay!

But also, I did some reading in four books, too. I normally read in more than one book every week. Sometimes, it’ll take me 2 weeks or longer to read one book, and if so, I add that book to the next batch of books I’ll read come the next Monday. That is what happened with one book in particular. I started reading two new books yesterday and the other two are ones I have been reading for a while.

The books I worked on yesterday are:

1.    The haunted cities book
2.    The deaf parenting book
3.    The alien book
4.    The first book in the Revise Your Writing series (I had to write new chapters and now I have to find people to interview).

The four books I read yesterday are:

1.    Seven Point Eight by Marie Harbon (an ebook that is taking me a Very Long Time to finish reading because, first, it is an ebook, and I am not a fast ebook reader and, second, it’s over 400 pages long!)
2.    Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse (an historical novel Jennifer read for OBOB that she LOVED and recommended to me)
3.    The Dragon Quintet, a collection of dragon stories edited by Marvin Kaye
4.    City of Orphans by Avi – this is another book taking me a while to read because Jen and I are reading it together and we go a chapter at a time.

And I just realized something else, too. The four books I am working on this week (those four mentioned above) are all nonfiction. The four books I am reading this week are all fiction. Yet another way of things balancing out. That’s pretty cool, too.

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