Wednesday, March 27, 2013

But I'm not LIKE that!

This evening, while I was getting Jesse's dinner ready, I was quietly steaming over something that happened earlier. My husband noticed I was upset and asked what was wrong. I told him that, earlier, I had checked out the B&N page for the book Jennifer and I co-wrote, Dogs Forever, and how I had noticed some ratings on there. Only, when I looked at the so-called reviews, they weren't really reviews! They were trolls roleplaying some dog game. Along with their posts, they were giving the book 4 stars....3 stars...even 1 star. (The 1 star rating was an obscene message.) He told me not to worry about that but it bothered me. I had actually thought of contacting Barnes & Noble and asking them to remove those posts because they WERE NOT reviews. They were just roleplaying comments. But I didn't say anything.

Then hubby next says I shouldn't do that; I should not check book pages to see the ratings and what people are saying about my books. I explained I had not been doing that; I was actually looking to see if another book of mine was available in the Nook store (unfortunately, it was not).

But, you know, I don't do that. I don't spend hours on the Internet scouring for what people are saying about mine and Jennifer's books. It IS a nice surprise when I come across a review, but I don't actually seek them out.

This reminded me of another thing that happened this week that had me thinking, But I'm not LIKE that!

Something weird and kinda spooky happened and of course it was the kinda thing that has been known to happen in haunted houses or when there is an angry ghost in a house. I posted on my Facebook page about it and someone was all, "It's a ghost." Her comment made me laugh because, you know, I got the joke. But then I thought, what if people think that because I write about ghosts and hauntings, I'm the kind of person that thinks ALL kinds of weird or unexplained things are because of a ghost?

And, of course, my response is: Whoa! I'm not LIKE that!

Yes, I've had REAL ghostly experiences and HAVE lived in a haunted house. But I always act as the skeptic first. I always look for an explanation for things and I don't immediately say, "It's a ghost!"

I was actually having a discussion about that with my husband this week. I was talking about how some people do that -- they immediately think "it's aliens!" or "it's a ghost!" instead of actually looking for an explanation for things.

But, no, I'm NOT like that! I don't scour the Internet all day looking for EVERY mention of my books. I don't see strange things happen and say "it's a ghost!" or "it's aliens!" Yes, I write about ghosts and hauntings. Yes, I AM helping Martha Jette with her book about UFOs and alien encounters. But I'm not one to immediately jump to irrational conclusions.

Well, that IS unless the printer refuses to work ... a key on the keyboard keeps sticking despite my efforts to release it ... or the computer starts acting up and I can't get ANY work done because of that.

That's when I start to think they're out to get me!!!!!!


Jane said...

well you know I was kidding, ha, I do not think that you are thinking every bump in the night is a ghost, for sure. Sorry to hear of the angry trolls!!! There must be something that can be done.

Jane said...

that was me Nancy :-)

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks, Nancy. No worries, I know you were kidding. :) But your comment made me think. Thanks for your kind words. I don't know if I should report them. The main reason why it bothers me is because the review section is NOT the place to do roleplaying. I wonder if that's been going on with other book pages, though. I'll see what my publisher says.