Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Yesterday, I started reading the book Dreaming of the Dead by Marilou Trask-Curtin. It is a nonfiction book. The author shares her experiences of how she has had dreams where her loved ones have visited her. She also talks about how she even has dreams where her beloved pets she has lost have visited her in her dreams. These dreams always made her happy because it was such a joy to her to see her pets so happy and healthy, even young.

As I read that part of the book yesterday, I started to reflect on how I have had the same experiences. I have seen pets in my dreams. My dog, Lukas, an Australian Shepherd, has been in a lot of my dreams. I have also seen family pets, such as my sister’s dog, Baby Bop, a chihuahua, in my dreams. I was thinking of how I cherished these dreams, especially the ones with Lukas because he was such an awesome dog. (And so was Rascal, an Australian Queensland.) But at the same time, I was a little sad because I have not had such dreams for a long time. And I miss my animal friends so much.

Well, it seems that one of them may have picked up on that, because I dreamed about her last night.

My mom used to have a dog, a chihuahua, named Rosie. Well, her name was Rosarita, but we all called her “Rosie.” Sometimes I called her “Rosie girl.” She was an amazing dog and we all loved her so much. (She is the mother of Baby Bop and my dog, Chewbacca.) Sometimes, we almost lost Rosie – to heat exhaustion (since we lived in the desert), dehydration or starvation (when someone in the family neglected her when she was at his house). But she always beat the odds and came back kicking. And because my mom moved a lot, it was very confusing for Rosie. She’d often leave a new home and end up at the old house. Many times this happened and, fortunately, we were able to find her.

Unfortunately, her luck did not hold out. One day she wandered off after a recent move and we never saw her again. We never found her. We searched for days and asked around for her, but nobody saw her and she just didn’t turn up.

This was very hard for all of us. I was no longer living at home at this time, so I don’t know how my mother coped with this. But on the times I visited her, I knew she was sad about it and asking if anybody had seen Rosie.

Then, I guess, we pretty much accepted she was gone. She never came back. My parents moved out of state and those who stayed in the desert never said anything since about seeing Rosie.

Well, last night, I did get to see our sweet Rosie again. Last night, she was in my dream.

I dreamed I was walking through one of the houses my mom lived in and I was calling for Rosie. I came to a room that had a lot of bedding on the floor. After I called Rosie’s name, a tiny figure emerged from under a white sheet. There came Rosie happily charging up to me. I laughed and got to my knees as I took her into my arms. She was so happy, so healthy and a little younger, too. She just licked my face a lot and I started to cry tears of joy and happiness as I hugged her. (I wasn’t surprised she was under a sheet; she often curled up under blankets and sheets on my mom’s bed.)

I still had tears in my eyes as I woke up from that dream. I kept crying because I missed Rosie so much. I was a little sad because of what had happened to her and the questions unanswered – was she ok? Did someone take care of her? – were still lingering with me. I was sad but happy, too.

And at the same time, I knew one thing: There is a very strong possibility that Rosie is no longer among the living. Thinking bout it, it would be a huge miracle if she was. I mean, Chewie is over 120 years old in dog years! So I don’t think chances are good his mom is still alive.

I am just glad I got to see her again, if only in a dream. And if only it was the final time I would see her again, until we all get to be reunited with her one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

God bless you, Rosie girl. I still miss you and love you. I’ll never forget you. You will always have a special place in my heart.

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