Thursday, May 03, 2012

Random post: Stuff I saw today

New phone book on my porch.

Fire truck barreling down the street, with lights flashing.

Plastic shopping bag on the street.

Black stray cat creeping through my backyard.

A picture of hummingbird chicks in the local newspaper.

A picture on a book of a train covered with chocolate sauce.

A picture of a police officer chasing after a car driven by a dog on an illustrator's web site.

A child's bicycle left on the ground near a driveway.

A child's pink chair turned upside down in a front yard.

Hoola-hoop left on another front lawn.

Wrapped sandwich on a tray for lunch.

Quote by John F. Kennedy on a wall.

Construction workers busy on a city street.

My full name spelled so very, very wrong.

Cupcakes with plastic flower decorations sticking out of the top of each one.

A black horse on the cover of a new book for kids.

A man who looked like my brother at the store.

Flowery gifts put out on display for Mother's Day.

A chocolate bunny from Easter marked down to 50 cents.

Scented candles that smelled of the ocean.

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