Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eye on the prize

So I wasn’t able to return to school last year. I am determined to do so this year – especially now that I have a part-time gig going on that is bringing in some extra money each month.

I have even decided on an occupation. No, it’s not medical coding. I only chose that one because of the perks. I did some serious soul-searching on this one. I figured if I pursued something that I am actually passionate about, then I will do better in that field. I’ll be happier, too. Life is too short to waste away at a job you hate.

And while writing and publishing are my whole world, I know I want to pursue something OUTSIDE of that as a career: Herbal medicine. If there’s anything else I am passionate about, it is that.

I know there are risks associated with being an herbalist. But, really, there are risks associated with everything you do. I used to be terrified I might give somebody the wrong herb for their problems, but how is that different from the doctor who is secretly terrified of botching a diagnosis? Or a surgeon botching a surgery?

They accept those risks and try to avoid making those mistakes. I must be the same way if I am to become an herbalist.

I just really would feel better following my heart on this one.

So I was back to looking for where I could go to receive training on becoming a certified herbalist. And I found a school – an ACCREDITED school, at that. A REAL school: The American College of Healthcare Sciences. Best of all, they offer correspondence courses for the study of herbal medicine. And they’re based in Portland, which is a 2-hour drive for me. Convenient if I have to go there for lab work or an exam.

When I found out about this school, I became VERY excited. Yay! An accredited school that can help me become a certified herbalist!! That is so cool. I’m so grateful I found out about it, and even more grateful that they offer correspondence courses. I am hoping I can get Jesse signed up to go to preschool fulltime in the Fall, when I plan to enroll, and if so, I’ll be grateful I’ll have extra time for that, as well as any trip to Portland should that come about.

Right now, however, I’m in the process of paying off certain medical bills. That stack of medical bills just kept piling up and it got a little scary. Thanks to this gig I have going on, I decided it’s time to start paying them all off. I am working my way through them, but we are also saving up money to go visit my mother in Illinois. I haven’t seen her for 4 years! Well, maybe 5 years. I have lost count, really. But I DO need to see her, especially since she has been getting sicker.

So, that’s my plan. Save up to go see Mom. Save up to pay off the medical bills. Then save up for school. As it is, the gig will continue even after I start school, so that extra money will help to pay for any other educational needs, as well.

I am looking forward to beginning that new chapter in my life. I can’t wait to go back to school and receive certification in a trade. Hooray!

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