Wednesday, December 03, 2008

People who like to pass judgments on others

If there's one constant I have in my life, it's that there are people out there, including certain members of my family, who like to get up on their high horse and pass judgments against me. They think they've got me ALL FIGURED OUT through their little detective work, without any input from me, and decide to cast me as this horrible, heartless, bitter, evil person. I have tried for the longest time to shrug this off, but the more it keeps happening, the more annoying it gets. And it seems people who don't even know me, have never met me in person and only know me through Internet activity, take everything they read and draw some kind of conclusion about the kind of person that I am.

Here is a little tip for people doing that: STOP doing that. You won't know the REAL ME through the Internet. Not ever.

I wish some people would get it into their heads that you can't just pass judgment over someone without getting the FACTS from them first. I guess they decide to be closed-minded or paranoid. I guess they want to live in their shells while pointing fingers at everyone. How sad. What a lonely world they must live in. I guess they are too afraid to REALLY know people and so they use their WRONG judgments and delusions of others as some kind of a security blanket. They use this to tell themselves that ALL kinds of these people are BAD and they are GOOD.

Talk about being delusional.

You may think that there can't really be people like this, but I know for a fact that there are. I know them and have interacted with them. It's painful when this kind of treatment comes from people I care about (or should I say, USED to care about). I have gotten to the point where I don't want to waste my time with people who are like this anymore. It is too painful to put up with constantly or always being judged by others who don't even know me or know where I am coming from. I would love to just say "if you've got something to say to me, say it" or "stop hiding behind your delusions about me and get to know me instead!" But I really doubt such efforts would produce any change from them. Because, like I said, these people prefer to get up on their high horse and decide what kind of person that I am (even when they don't know me) no matter what I say or do. And always that judgment is going to be negative.

I have no room in my life for these kinds of people, nor will I make any room.

Perhaps this blog post is dramatic. Perhaps it is a whine. But I'm tired of having to deal with people like this, and I need to come forward and say, "You know what? I'm done with you." I am not a stickler for taking this kind of grief from others. They won't hurt me anymore.

I needed to say all of this and now it has been said.


Anonymous said...

whoever is being mean to you sucks. They suck. You rock. Just know that.

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thank you. (((((hug))))) That kinda statement goes towards the people throwing judgments at me without wanting to know the truth or ask if it is true.