Monday, May 01, 2017

Jesse's first day of swimming lessons

Today was Jesse’s first day of his very first swimming lessons! He was really excited about being able to go to swimming lessons today. I have tried to get him signed up for swimming lessons in the past but I was always too late; the classes were all filled up by the time I started looking. Every year that I tried! This year was better. Got him signed up and today he started.

Unfortunately, he was 5 minutes late for class. Parking was TERRIBLE! Ugh! I think they need a larger parking lot! Well, it still worked out okay.

His swim coach is really nice. I was glad to see that there weren’t a ton of kids in his group. There were other swim classes spread around the pools but they all had ample space. Jesse was glad that his lessons were at an indoor pool. There were only four kids in Jesse’s group and they all were well-behaved.

For the first class, they practiced things like climbing in and out of the pool, floating and jumping in. It was a very basic and easy class. It only lasted for 30 minutes so there was only so much that they could cover.

Still, Jesse had a lot of fun. He LOVES his swimming class! He wasn’t afraid of the pool at all (though he was afraid to jump off the miniature diving board) and he got along with everybody. He also handled showering and changing in the boy’s locker room well too. Plus, there was plenty of space for parents to sit and watch their kids.

After his class, Jesse was all smiles and he was excited. He said it was “amazing!” and he looks forward to going back again. I am just glad that he will finally learn how to swim!

Here are pictures that I took:

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