Monday, October 03, 2016

Jennifer's 15th birthday

Today my daughter, Jennifer, turned 15 years old. I am still reeling over how fast the time flies! She is growing so fast. But I love the person she is growing up to be. She has been so responsible and has really taken charge of her life. She has done so well in school and has enjoyed so many different hobbies. I look forward to seeing what Year 15 will bring to her life!

Since Jennifer’s birthday is on a school day, we decided to have a family party on the day of her birthday and there will be another party with her friends this weekend. I let her pick what she wanted for dinner and she asked for her favorite dinner: Breakfast! Scrambled eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls. (Jesse also likes to have breakfast for dinner but we do not have this very often.) After dinner, we had the cake and ice cream. The cake pictured is the one I bought for the occasion. I bought it only because of the bowtie on it. I saw that and thought, Doctor Who! (If only there was a bakery that sold fandom cakes.) She thought the bowtie was pretty cool. (Well, of course! Bowties are cool.)

Before her birthday month came round, I spent some time deciding what gifts I would buy for her. My husband could decide on his own what to get her, but I wanted to buy her something, too. I eventually settled on two things from her wish list: A Hogwarts team jacket and a Steven Universe character dress. (She loves the show Steven Universe and she wants a Steven Universe cake for her other birthday party.) These things were pricey so I had to budget for them and buy them early. They were sitting in my closet, boxed and wrapped up, for a while there!

Jesse got her a Guns N Roses sweatshirt. He wanted to get her something else but he could not find it. The sweatshirt was another item on her wish list so that is what he got her.

And my husband bought her this electronic device she can connect to the computer and create art with it. She’s been asking for it for years. She was very excited to finally get this thing!

She had a nice family birthday celebration today. It was a good day and I’m so glad that Jennifer was happy on her birthday. Now we prepare for the big “friend party” coming up soon, and then it’s Jesse’s turn for birthday fun!

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