Friday, September 30, 2016

The sandwich-less lunch

Some moms pack their kids’ lunches the night before the school day but I pack my kids’ lunches in the morning while they’re getting ready or eating breakfast. With Jesse, he usually wants the same thing for lunch: A peanut butter sandwich, chips or crackers, juice box and a cookie. But Jennifer likes a little more variety; she never eats the same lunch every single day. When Jennifer tells me what she wants in her lunch for the day, there is usually a sandwich included. That changed this week.

On Monday, she had a sandwich in her lunch, but later, she didn’t request a sandwich that time. She’d noted in the past that she didn’t want to keep taking a sandwich in her lunch so this week, she went sandwich-less. I have heard of other parents ditching sandwiches for their kids’ lunches. Some have had wraps or even the items needed to make “sandwich crackers.” I have come across many articles specifically talking about sandwich-free lunches. Until now, the only change my kids have had with sandwich lunches are cracker sandwiches (usually through a Lunchable). But now Jennifer was ready to go sandwich-less for lunch!

The first sandwich-free lunch looked more like a bunch of snacks rather than a lunch. I have asked Jennifer if she’d try a wrap instead of a sandwich but she wasn’t interested. Her “snack lunch” contained Goldfish crackers, Cheetos, a granola bar, Oreos and a juice box.

The second sandwich-free lunch is what I like to call the “breakfast lunch.” I have told my kids there’s nothing wrong with eating cereal for dinner. Why not for lunch, as well?

Her breakfast lunch included Life cereal and Honey Nut Chex. There were also potato chips, peanuts, and Nilla wafers. Along with a juice box!

Today, however, Jennifer decided to go back to having a sandwich in her lunch. It was a fun experience to try something different from the same old sandwich for lunch, though! I would definitely be willing to try this again and also give other sandwich-free lunch ideas a try should either of my kids want something different for lunch that day.

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