Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jesse's 9th birthday

Today was Jesse’s 9th birthday. He was very excited about this day as it drew closer and closer. We were excited, too, and I was especially excited about this being his last year in the single digits. Before today came along, I made plans on what would happen for both at school and at home. I also made arrangements for a party with his friends that will take place this weekend.

As for his birthday falling on a school day, I asked his teachers if they do anything special for students when they have a birthday. They told me that the child’s parent is allowed to bring a treat to the classroom for everybody to enjoy. That was good news! I immediately made plans to get a cookie tray for the occasion and noted how many cookies I would need. I was sure to place that order at the local bakery. The way Jesse and I broke it down, there would be 3 dozen cookies. He told me what flavors he wanted: Chocolate chip, sugar, and snickerdoodle. Unfortunately, the bakery didn’t have snickerdoodle cookies. So I tried to pick something else that I thought they would like. They suggested something called “Chocolate Lovers” cookies and I really thought it was the chocolatey kind. So I said yes I’d order that.

Also before today, I asked Jesse what he would like for breakfast on his birthday. He asked for an omelet. Unfortunately, I am not very good at cooking omelets. I told him that and so he said he’d have scrambled eggs instead. He actually ended up having scrambled eggs and 7-Up for his birthday breakfast.

When the time came, I headed out to the bakery to pick up the order. I already had the chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Now I needed to get the last dozen! Unfortunately, the cookies were not what I had hoped. They were actually more of a chocolate chunk kind of cookie. Here is a pic of them. As you can see by the title, they were still good, but not what we wanted. Fortunately, they also had chocolate chocolate chip cookies, which WAS something we wanted, so I grabbed those, too. I decided we’ll just keep the other cookies for ourselves. (However, the kids don’t like them. Since they came in 2 boxes, I am seriously considering asking a friend if she wants one of the boxes of cookies. They will go bad fast since I usually only eat like one cookie a day.)

Here is the display of cookies in Jesse’s classroom:

And here is Jesse (with friend) getting to select the first cookie:

After that, he and his friend and I each took a package of cookies and handed them out to everyone. I even gave one to the teacher. The kids were all happy and excited to get a cookie and it was sweet how they were all saying thank you for this treat.

Here is Jesse enjoying his cookie:

I stayed until school was over. It was really nice hanging out with his class and meeting everybody. They were such sweet and friendly kids.

Well, after school, Jesse had his gymnastics class, then his dad got him what he requested for his birthday dinner: Arby’s. It’s not so much their food he likes but their chocolate shakes. He LOVES their chocolate shakes and was happy to get one with his dinner tonight.

Then, after dinner, we sang “happy birthday” with his birthday cake (pictured above) then he opened his presents. From Jennifer, he got a CD, The Good Dinosaur movie, and a Minecraft stuffed animal. From his parents, he got a Steven Universe outfit (Steven), binoculars, a musical keyboard, a few T-shirts, a book, and socks. He was SO HAPPY to get the keyboard. He saw what it was as he was tearing off the wrapping paper and he kept excitedly saying “oh my God!” as he finished unwrapping it. LOL It was cute. Then we had cake and ice cream. Then he was able to play with his new toys for a while before getting ready for bed.

I am glad today was a good day for Jesse. He told me he was happy with the presents he got. He had a good birthday and we are looking forward to celebrating his birthday with his friends on Saturday.

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