Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Two Open Houses

Earlier this month, I got a notice from Jesse’s school that there was going to be an Open House. The date I was given was September 27th. I marked it on the calendar. Then I got an email about an “Open House” on the 20th of this month. I thought it was from Jennifer’s school so I noted it as such on my calendar. Then I got ANOTHER “Open House” notice in my email inbox. I was confused as to why I got two.

Then Jesse brought home a notice, on paper, about Open House at his school – scheduled for September 20th.

Wait a minute, what?

I checked the school calendar and it had “Open House” on the 20th. No way! I reread both emails I got – and FINALLY got to the part, at the bottom, that it was from Jesse’s school, not Jennifer’s school.

So, apparently, BOTH schools were having an Open House on the same day. ARGH!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Scheduling conflicts, you irk me!

Sigh. Why can’t there be two of me?

I didn’t want to miss EITHER Open House so I tried to figure out a plan.

The good news was, the Open House email I got from Jennifer’s school had the schedule for the night spread out. I compared it with the times for Jesse’s Open House – and I found my solution! Jesse’s Open House ended at 7:00, which was when Jennifer’s Open House officially began. I was only interested in touring the classes and meeting her teachers. That’s. It. I did not want to go to the “parent social event’ at 6:30. No, thank you. I only know my daughter’s friend’s parents at that school and I was certain I would see them later since our daughters are in a class together. I REALLY didn’t want to socialize with the other parents! So I figured we could skip all that and be there by 7.

Thankfully, the Open House at Jesse’s school did not take long. We were in and out of there, got everything done, in 45 minutes. Jesse has two teachers this year (an a.m. teacher and p.m. teacher) and his p.m. teacher is one of Jen’s old teachers. It was nice for them to see each other again. Jennifer smiled and hugged her but they didn’t have much chance to talk because Jesse had A LOT to talk with her about! Still, the visit was sweet, albeit short.

We were at Jennifer’s school, however, for an hour and a half! I really had not planned to stay that long, but we DID have to follow the schedule just like everybody else. But the important thing is that I got to see her classrooms and meet her teachers. They were all awesome! (I also scheduled two conferences with Jesse’s teacher when we were at his school – the second conference is to discuss his eligibility for the Talented and Gifted program. Jen was evaluated for TAG when she was a student there and did not make the cut. I hope Jesse can get in!)

I loved touring Jen’s school all over again. Her school is so cool! And, like her, my favorite part was the Science Wing. Yay for Science! She showed me her locker, where she and her BFF eat lunch every day and also the cafeteria. I wanted to see the library but when we got there, there was a meeting going on inside. Wah. I reached out to the books and dramatically whispered, “I’ll come back for you.” How I wanted to see the books in the library!

Still, it was a great evening. We got home pretty late (at almost 9!) but it was a good evening and I’m glad I got to meet Jen’s teachers. She loves her new school and gets along well with her teachers. I am grateful both kids are having a good school year so far.

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