Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Turning 42 and a school tour

Today was my 42nd birthday. It was a really good day – totally NOT what I expected, from what went down yesterday. Yesterday being a TOTALLY sucky day in which I was told nothing would be happening today. There’d be no birthday lunch, no cake or ice cream or presents or anything. Not until later. That got me kinda sad. But you know what? They really pulled a fast one on me, because all of that stuff DID happen today after all. I was so happy and really grateful.

But my family and friends on Facebook made me feel extra special, too. Oh, and Peter Bowerman, who emailed me to wish me a happy birthday. (I’ve known Peter for years and even now, after over 10 years, he still remembers my birthday! He rocks!) I got so many birthday wishes on Facebook and I still need to finish replying to them All! I am so grateful for all of them. And I think those family and friends are pretty awesome people for taking the time to do that for me.

I posted a bunch of pics from my B-day on Facebook today. And while I was doing that, I had to stop and think, Gee, I’m recording my birthday on Facebook. Wow. I certainly didn't do that kinda thing when I was a kid. Heck, there was no Facebook when I was a kid. There wasn’t even any Internet! Kids today have pics and videos of their birthday on Facebook, unlike kids from my generation. It is pretty interesting. I also thought about how, of my two children, my son is the only one who has been on the Internet through pictures, videos, blog posts, etc., since the day he was born!

Well, aside from my birthday, we had two other things going on. One was Jesse’s baseball practice, but we didn’t go because Jesse has been dealing with bad stomach pains lately. He has missed school because of it. I am really starting to be concerned. We recently started him on a new medicine for his allergies but even though there were no side effects the last time he took this medicine (I think 2 years ago?), I am beginning to wonder if that is different now. I’m really curious if his stomach pain is because of the medicine. Maybe the dose is too strong, or something. I will have to call the doctor about that.

We also went to 8th Grade Night at the high school Jennifer will be going to in the fall. She got to check out the classes, meet teachers, check out activities and clubs at the school as well as tour the school. I am very excited about my daughter starting her first year of high school, though she dreads it. I told her getting a high school diploma is a really big deal. That didn’t make her feel any better about going to high school. She’s nervous about it.

We went on a tour of the school and I enjoyed checking out the school. Especially the LIBRARY! I thought the library was AWESOME! I wanted to stay in that room filled with books. Forever.

Here are pics I took from the tour:

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