Friday, May 20, 2016

Dragon in distress

Today was my last day of pet-sitting for my daughter. She came home from her field trip today. I am glad she is home but a little sad she’s taking over the care of her animals now.

But today, something kinda crazy happened in the case of her Bearded Dragon, Spike.

Last night, after I had fed Spike, I noticed he was in one part of the tank and not really moving so much. Yeah, I know that sometimes they don’t move around too much, but with the position he was in, I thought he might be stuck.

Here is a picture of it:

So I decided to hang out in Jen’s room for a while to see if he would move from his spot. Jesse and I were in there reading for 20 minutes and Spike didn’t move. He was breathing and he didn’t “look” like he was in pain or anything. So in the end, I decided maybe he was just relaxing in that one spot.

We went to bed, and I figured that Spike might move during the night while we slept. (He IS nocturnal, after all.)

But when I woke up the next morning, Spike was still there in that same spot!

“Spike! Spike! Are you okay?” I cried out, getting on my knees as I turned on his heat lamp and examined him.

He seemed to be okay. But I was starting to feel concerned that he hadn’t moved at all and that he had spent the night in that one spot!

Finally, I got an idea. I figured I should put some frozen peas (his favorite food) into the tank to see if he would move to go eat them. (Food is a good motivator.) It was time for his breakfast, anyway, and that’s what he eats for breakfast!

So I put some frozen peas on his food dish, as well as in other areas of the tank.

And pretty soon, Spike moved from his spot to go eat the frozen peas.

He was MOVING! Yay!

I watched him as he moved. He didn’t seem hurt or seem to have an injury anywhere. He seemed to be okay. He was happily eating his peas and he seemed fine.

Kinda strange that he had stayed in that particular spot for hours. But then again, he is currently shedding, so maybe that was just part of the process. Or maybe he was meditating, or something. Who knows!

Here are more pictures taken of Spike shortly after that one.

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