Saturday, May 09, 2015

The last soccer game

Today was Jesse’s last soccer game of the Spring season. When the season started, I was worried about his seasonal allergies being a problem. There were only a couple of times his allergies were a problem, though. Nothing major happened. No asthma attack or anything. The one time it was at its worst was when I forgot to give him a bath after practice (to wash all the pollen off of him) but that was it. He made it through the season okay. I am very grateful. It also helped that we remembered to keep him on his allergy medicine every day!

He has enjoyed playing soccer this season. It has been quite an experience for us getting to the practices, games, and coordinating a communication system to make sure I knew when everything is supposed to happen. We look forward to the next season!

Here are pictures from today’s last game. (Jesse is #24.)

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