Monday, May 11, 2015

A case for Mother's Day

WARNING! This blog post is a rant!

Earlier today, I read came across something on Facebook that made me see red. Apparently, a mom out there in the world thinks that we should not celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day, because doing so makes it seem like mothers are more important than women who are not mothers.

Excuse me?

I for one think there DEFINITELY needs to be a day celebrating moms, just as we definitely need a day celebrating dads. What’s next, saying there shouldn’t be a Grandparents Day either??

I don't regret celebrating Mother's Day. I truly feel it is a day moms, the GOOD moms, totally earn. (And dads earn the Father's Day, too!) For those of us moms who actually CARE about our kids and want to do what we can to keep them happy and healthy, I think one day of recognition is nice. It feels nice to be appreciated for all that we do.

Sorry to those women out there who don't have kids, can't have kids, won't have kids or lost their kids. Or are sick of their kids. Or who lost their mom and are bummed by Mother's Day. (FYI: I know that pain.) We need to keep Mother’s Day whether you like it or not!

Believe it or not, there ARE good moms out there. I have seen my share of bad moms, but good moms DO exist! And for those of us who sacrifice so much for our child/ren, we moms really give a lot of ourselves! Especially when we are by ourselves and hardly have anything. Let alone money to feed our child. Believe me, I know. I know the struggle of trying to have a happy home when by ourselves. I have been there. I was alone with my child once upon a time.

People who are not parents will NEVER understand what a parent would give up for a child. Now I know these people count among them women who are NOT parents but only because they can’t have children themselves – that doesn’t mean it’s okay to hate on other women who ARE moms! And don’t hate on Mother’s Day, either. Then there are the selfish crowd, which includes celebrities without kids. They’re too busy loving themselves, focusing only on themselves and living for themselves. They never think about a child’s welfare, let alone anybody else’s child.

So. That said, don’t hate on Mother’s Day just because you are feeling left out or think this “mom thing” is overrated. Like I said, it’s nice to be recognized and appreciated for all that I do for my kids as their mother. Even if it’s just for one day a year.

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