Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Before today came along, I had an idea of some things I hoped to be able to do or get done today. I carried them around in my head for a while before finally writing them all down. Mother’s Day this year seemed to be pretty blessed for me, because I was able to check off almost everything on that list!

The day started with me sleeping in. Then I got to watch Sherlock while Jesse played. (So nice to watch TV without interruption!!) After that, I enjoyed two cups of coffee while reading a novel – also without interruption. (That item got crossed off my list!) Then I took a long, hot shower. After that, hubby and kids gave me their gifts. I received a box of chocolates (yay! I’d hoped to be able to eat some chocolate today, so that item got checked off). I also received a scented pillar candle and a salted rock that lights up. (I’d been wanting one of those for a long time!) Jesse gave me not one but 3 Mother’s Day cards this years (one of them a shared card). Two of them were homemade cards. They were soo cute! He also gave me a cute project he worked on at school for Mother’s Day and a coupon for “uninterrupted reading time.” That’s always nice! I also got artificial lilies from Trev. (I actually wanted artificial flowers, not real flowers. I am hopeless with plants. I don’t have a green thumb, unfortunately. So if I’m given real flowers, they don’t last long!)

I also spent some uninterrupted time on Pinterest. I enjoy pinning stuff on Pinterest. Don’t hate!

Another thing I hoped would happen is going to IHOP for lunch. At first, hubby suggested Ye Olde Pancake House since IHOP was so far, but by the time we got to the Pancake House, they were closed. So we went to IHOP! Yay! I just wish there was an IHOP that was closer to us. We’d go there more often! We had a nice lunch at IHOP. The food was delicious.

After we came home from IHOP, I took a nap. Then I watched a TV show called Nature’s Weirdest. It was pretty cool! After that, the kids and I went to a playground that we’d never been to before. So fun to explore a new place! They have a different kind of monkey bars there. They are like a twisty kind. Jesse tried to go on top of them and at first he was scared, then after a while he did it. Woo-hoo! We had a great time there and it was nice to check out that area.

When we got home, we just chilled out around the house. Hubby got us McDonald’s for dinner and now I have written this blog post, another item I hoped to check off my list. I also hope I will be able to check off the last item: Watch Supernatural!

It’s been a great Mother’s Day and I feel so blessed to enjoy it with my kids.


Martha Jette said...

Glad to hear that you had a great Mother's Day, Dawn.

Take care,

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thank you, Martha. Yes, it was a very nice Mother's Day. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. You rock!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Oh, and I DID get to watch Supernatural. :) Love that show!