Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Picture with Santa

Today I took Jesse to the mall to get his picture taken with Santa. I really didn’t want to go anywhere because traffic has been crazy. When I took Jennifer shopping on Saturday, the traffic was chaos. In fact, we saw a 3-car crash on the freeway. So, yeah, wasn’t really looking forward to going out again. But Jesse really wanted his picture with Santa so I took him. I wanted to bring Jennifer along, but she wasn’t feeling well. She stayed at home and pretty much just slept. (We still have one more cookie drop-off to do, then she’s going to do her own cookie drop-off, AND we have two people left to deliver gifts to and we had hoped to get that done today but she just wasn’t up to it. Maybe tomorrow.)

Before we left for the mall, I made sure Jesse ate lunch first. He’d eaten a big breakfast this morning but I wanted him to eat lunch because I knew we’d be standing in line for a long time. I told him we would not be able to leave the line to get something to eat. After he finished eating, I instructed him to wash up and comb his hair. I didn’t want to leave too late in the day because I didn’t want to be stuck in line until the mall closed a la A Christmas Story so I made sure he got ready to go real quick.

Just before we left, I got some extra money in case the cost of the picture had gone up since last year. Gas prices may have gone down recently, but it seems like the price for everything else has been going up! So I had to prepare for that.

As I expected, traffic was insane on the way to the mall. It was crazy on the way back, too. (I almost had a panic attack when someone cut in front of me on the freeway!) When we got there, Santa was on a break and due back in 15 minutes. We got in line all the same. I kept Jesse occupied with a game on my phone, silently grateful that smartphones can have games on them AND that he can have his own account on there for his games. Jesse did get hungry while we waited in line (I don’t think that boy ever gets full!) but I assured him he could have something to eat after we got home. Finally, it was his turn to have his picture with Santa. Thankfully, the cost of the picture had not gone up. It had actually gone down by $3! Yay! I was relieved, knowing just how hard a lot of people are having it this year and that someone just barely surviving on a monthly paycheck would not have to pay an arm and a leg for their child to have a picture with Santa. I have been there so I always think about people in that kind of situation. I know how much this kind of thing means to a lot of families.

After Jesse had his picture taken, he got a free cardboard elf hat and a lollipop. He was happy about that! I was happy with the picture. It was a good one.

After we got home, Jesse had his snack and I shared his picture on Facebook. I am glad we got to do this this year. I know that kids eventually outgrow having their picture taken with Santa (like Jennifer has) but I don’t think Jesse is ready to say goodbye to that just yet.

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