Monday, December 22, 2014

A very productive first morning of Winter Break

Whenever it’s vacation time or there’s no school, I make it a point to sleep in. Hey, I get up EARLY during the school week to get the kids up, fed, dressed and off to school, I kinda want to grab those opportunities to sleep in when I can!

Not so this time around. The year is almost over and I need to get some things DONE! The kids may be on vacation but I am not. (Isn’t it always like that for moms?) (Isn’t it always like that for writing parents??)

Today was the first day of Winter Break and I got up right at 6 a.m. Four hours later, I took stock of everything I’d gotten done and was pretty darn surprised I’d gotten so much done in only four hours!

Here’s all the stuff I got done by 10 a.m. – AND before the kids woke up!

1. Did some bookwork (I am getting a book ready for submission next month)

2. Wrote extra stuff in said book (more spiffying up!)

3. Read emails at all email accounts (replied where needed)

4. Read the news online

5. Checked bank accounts (this is a daily habit)

6. Sent out Christmas ecards

7. Read an AWESOME short story in a new anthology I'm reviewing

8. Had my two cups of coffee (I always try to enjoy that first cup of coffee in the mornings before the kids wake up and the craziness of my day begins)

9. Ate breakfast (Yeah, I know, I should’ve waited for the kids to wake up to have breakfast with them, but I was STARVING! I did sit with Jesse while he ate his doughnut.)

So, yeah. That’s a pretty good list of stuff I got done this morning. Of course, I’ve been doing lots of other things today, too. It hasn’t been easy because I hurt my shoulder and despite an ice pack and Tylenol, it is still sore (and getting a bit too painful for me to lift my arm) but I have still gotten a lot done today. I especially got a lot done this morning, and there’s nothing more awesome than getting the day off to a very productive start!

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