Friday, March 21, 2014

Good friends are hard to find

Today I was thinking of posting the following status on Facebook: “I’m so glad I have friends who get me.” But I wasn’t entirely sure if I could say that after what happened last night.

And what DID happen last night? I failed. I royally, epically failed. Twice, actually.

Some explanation:

Several years ago, I waited until the last minute to let one of Jennifer’s friend’s know that she was too sick to play. The friend was upset and her dad was upset, but when I explained the situation to her dad, of how I was waiting to see if Jennifer felt better before saying “yea’ or “nay” on the playdate, he understood and let it go. This happened again, except with a sleepover and not a playdate, and, well, the outcome wasn’t as good as last time. It caused a disaster. And this time, the parent let me know that was not a good way to go about things.

The other thing that went wrong with one of my friends is that I accidentally sent a text that was meant for my husband to HER husband! Oh. My. God. When I realized the mistake last night, I just about died. I was soooo embarrassed and wanted to bury my head under the covers. Thankfully, it was NOT a risque message. It was just a text message about dinner, though in this case, with the typical “xoxo” we insert in our messages. But, still! it was NOT meant for her husband! It was for mine! I hoped, prayed and practically threw myself at the mercy of Fate that that little “xoxo” part in the message did not just totally destroy my friendship with these two people. They are awesome friends, really. And I didn’t want her to think I had any kind of fantasy going on with HER husband. No way! Homey don’t play that! I am a FIRM believer in monogamy and WOULD NOT commit adultery. I won’t do it. Not ever. Even if the marriage sucks, even if there’s no sex for nearly a year and I am pretty much alone for most of the time, I Would Not commit adultery. I’m not the cheating type. And this guy is cool with us being friends. I’m cool with it, too! And they are such a lovely family. Why would I want to muck that up, anyway? I am lucky to have good friends who are also good neighbors. I wouldn’t want to muck that up, either!

So I spent some time this morning sending out texts explaining ALL of that to my friends. I explained the situation and why this type of thing even happened in the first place.

Thankfully, with Friend #1,
she accepted my apology. I told her that I realize now what I did was uncool and I am sorry and hope that we can still be friends and the girls can get together soon. (And, yes, I DO realize that I made a mistake. I am so glad my friend understands that I am not perfect and that I make mistakes. I am willing to recognize a mistake and change myself and my habits where needed to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I am willing to owe up to my mistakes and try to make things right again. And LEARN something from them!!)

With Friend #2,
she totally understood the accidental text. She said this has happened to them, too. She totally forgave me and, thankfully, this did not cause any problems. This did not destroy our friendship. I am SO relieved.

So, the crisis was resolved and everything is okay again. I am so glad and just so very, very relieved.

My friendship with these people is too important to lose so easily.

Maybe I can still put that message up as my status. Or, maybe instead, that message can read: “I am so glad I have friends who are willing to forgive me.”

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