Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not all store brand or generic foods are bad

Ordinarily, we don’t buy the generic or store brand stuff at the grocery stores. It’s not that we’re snobs, or anything. It’s just that we have found that the brands we trust – like Folgers, Stouffers, General Mills, etc. – are the brands that produce food that is actually good. We have tried a lot of generic brands in the past and, if it didn’t taste good, opted not to buy that product again. If we DO buy a generic brand that is good and has quality, then we buy it. This has happened with tuna (can’t go wrong with the Albertsons brand tuna!) and bread (and once again, I’m talkin’ Albertsons!).

If we are able to buy the brands we prefer, then we will do so. Lately, however, we have been financially strapped and only have so much money available for food. So we have had to buy generic brand foods most of the time lately. Now, my heart will always belong to Folgers coffee, even if we can’t always afford to buy it! However, my husband had to buy generic coffee after we ran out of the good stuff and he got French roast. I have never really liked French roast coffee, but I decided to try it this morning, anyway.

And, you know what? It was good! No need to put any sugar or anything in it at all.

That’s not all, though. Last night, I asked hubby to get dinner rolls to serve with dinner. Of course I mentioned the brand we like, but he could not get it. He got the store brand instead. I was hesitant to try it, but I gave them a go. And they were delicious! Jennifer even commented that they were fluffy.

And out of those 12 rolls in the package, only one was left over after dinner!

I am glad we had some good finds on generic and store brand foods this week. I guess that is one good thing to be thankful for when times are hard and there’s only so much money available to buy food. We’ll definitely be adding these generic items to our grocery list in the event we can’t afford the usual items we prefer.


Jana B said...

Definately the truth... here we have found a lot of things we can do generic, but some that should NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. be generic - specifically Stovetop Stuffing and powdered Mac & Cheese. They are just wrong!!!

I've found one brand of generic microwave popcorn that is good though, and most of the cereals are still good. We also save money by grabbing stuff on the "I'm about to expire" areas - day old bread, etc. If we cook them that day, they are still safe and usually about half the price.

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks, Jana. :) Yes, definitely. The items on those shelves are ones I have checked out, too. I also scout out the very end of the meat aisle where they have meat marked down real cheap because it expires that day. I have cooked them that same day and they were fine. I managed to get a package of chicken for under $3 that way and everybody loved it! Yes, SOME generic foods are definitely ones to avoid. I have also found that the foods at the dollar stores are lousy, as well. I even got sick from some of them.