Tuesday, January 08, 2013

For us, there is a different kind of toy doctor in the house

For a long time, I have been the one to pull out the needle and thread to fix some thing or another. A button needs to be sewed on? I’m on it! A pillow has a hole in it? No problem! Something needs to be stitched up? It’s doable!

But now my daughter Jennifer is also using the needle and thread – only, she’s developed something of a specialty with it. She fixes stuffed animals.

That’s right, stuffed animals. Any kind of stuffed animal that has a hole, a missing eye or needs sewing up in some way is a stuffed animal she can fix. And every one of them is her “patient.”

Jennifer has been at this for a while – sewing eyes or button-eyes on stuffed animals who lost an eye, fixing a torn ear or a limpy neck. But today, she fixed one of Jesse’s stuffed animals that was losing its sown-on glasses, and she did a fabulous job with it, too. In fact, she said it was easy to fix. She just sewed the glasses back onto the “band” that was falling off! Jesse was very happy to be reunited with that stuffed animal (which was Walden, from his favorite TV show Wow, Wow Wubbzy!) and I was happy she did such a nice job.

In fact, I’ve started calling her a toy doctor.

We realize there is already a famous toy doctor in a TV show called Doc McStuffins – another fave TV show Jesse likes to watch – and every time it’s on, I can’t help but smile. And if Jennifer’s around, she’ll have that smile, too. Because we both know she, too, is a toy doctor – only, she fixes toys up and makes them better in a different way.

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